December 08, 2003

Angel of Light, finished

You've read about my cross stitching injuries (I seem to have toughened up, by the way. I stitched for hours yesterday with no ill effects), now you can see the final result of my Christmas-y project!

Angel of Light, completed 12-7-03

I just realized I forgot to stitch my initials and the date on it, which sucks cause I've already washed and ironed it. Using my grandmother's embroidery hoop (which is probably older than I am) was a lovely, sentimental touch, but as it's metal and very old, it left some rust stains that I couldn't quite wash out. :P Going to stick with wood from now on.

Tomorrow I'll frame it and then it'll be ready to give away as a Christmas present.

(Be warned, there may be a lot of these pictures to come, once I get more done on my new project. I'll filter them if people seem annoyed. ;)

Posted by Lisa at December 8, 2003 09:33 AM | Completed

I was just browsing around and found your page. So I had to let ya know, I think your work is lovely!!
(I faked the addy due to spam... but you can get me at xcaseysmom (at)

Posted by: Zel at July 24, 2005 10:20 PM
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