December 13, 2003

Castle Sampler, week 1

Well, I had so much fun posting updates about my novel word count, I decided to make a weekly update post on my current cross-stitch project too. ;)

Castle Sampler, 12-13-03

The chart is made up of six sections, so I'm doing section 1 first, then moving over to section 2, and so on. The entire design will be about 14" by 15" when I finish.

For you needlecraft folks, I'm stitching over two threads on 28 count linen. Linen is both interesting and a bitch to work with at the same time. Of course, since this is a Teresa Wentzler design, there are a few sections of over one stitching, like the letters.

Posted by Lisa at December 13, 2003 12:43 PM | TW Castle Sampler
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