TW Castle Sampler

Castle Sampler, week 11

I almost forgot to post this! I'm on a roll again. I spent Saturday and Sunday working on the sun and moon figures in the lower corners, backstitching and all.


Of course, one difficulty is that I finally managed to get my hands on a few new projects I really want to do--it'll be tempting to go ahead and start them. However, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to rotate through projects like that yet. However, some of them have deadlines, so... :)

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Castle Sampler, week 10

It's hard to tell that I did much this week, but if you look at the lower corners you can see the biggest progress. I don't know if my pictures are really capturing the coolness of this piece. It's going to be gorgeous.


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Castle Sampler, week 9

I promised an update, and apparently that promise lit a fire under my butt this afternoon. Not only did I rip out the misplaced section, but I restitched it, and then some.

Castle Sampler, 02-08-04

Don't laugh, but NASCAR starts up again next Sunday, so I foresee a lot of cross-stitching happening while I watch the race. (Yes, I know, my redneck is showing.)

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Castle Sampler, week 6

I was feeling a little frustrated until I compared this week's picture to last week's.

Slowly but surely...

A few people have asked me when I have time to cross-stitch so much. The answer is easy. Instead of spending so much of my evenings roaming the internet in search of something to do, I cross-stitch instead. Usually while watching too much TV. You envy mi vida loca, I know you do. Hey, if I've resigned myself to spinsterhood, I may as well go all out with it.

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Castle Sampler, week 5

I discovered this weekend that the perfect time to do long stretches of border is while I'm gaming or watching a movie I'm really into. So with 7th Sea yesterday and Werewolf today, I got a fair chunk of border done. Whee!

Castle Sampler, 1-11-04

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Castle Sampler, week 4

Section one is completely finished, including the backstitching--which unfortunately didn't show up very well in the picture. I'm doing sections 2 and 3 together, because section 3 is pretty much just border.

Castle Sampler, 1-4-04

I'm thinking of including something in the pictures for scale next time, just so you can get an idea of how huge this thing is.

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Castle Sampler, week 3

I can't believe it's only been three weeks, but it has. I just might finish section one by the end of this week! Here's proof!

Castle Sampler, 12-28-03

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Castle Sampler, week 2

For those of you keeping up at home, here's what I've done over the past week. I've slowed down a little.

Castle Sampler, 12-21-03

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Castle Sampler, week 1

Well, I had so much fun posting updates about my novel word count, I decided to make a weekly update post on my current cross-stitch project too. ;)

Castle Sampler, 12-13-03

The chart is made up of six sections, so I'm doing section 1 first, then moving over to section 2, and so on. The entire design will be about 14" by 15" when I finish.

For you needlecraft folks, I'm stitching over two threads on 28 count linen. Linen is both interesting and a bitch to work with at the same time. Of course, since this is a Teresa Wentzler design, there are a few sections of over one stitching, like the letters.

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