"It really hasn't been so bad, except for the tentacles." --Catriona, 7th Sea

September 20, 2004

"Firefly" RP Goodness

closer2myself talked me into joining her online "Firefly"-based campaign, Tales From the 'Verse (yeah, she didn't have to try too hard), and boy am I glad she did. I spent a good part of the weekend playing out exactly how my character, the ship's doctor, wound up with such a motley crew.

Emma's backstory has been a hoot and a half, but here's my personal favorite comment of Emma's, after two unknown hooligans have barricaded themselves in her makeshift clinic:

"Excuse me, but do you and your friend Ruby have a plan for escaping, once you've barricaded yourselves in my clinic?" Emma asked, indicating the back of the "clinic", a solid wall. "I don't precisely have a back door, and if you decide to change that, someone will have to pay my jingchang mei yong de landlord the damages. Someone not me."

Hooray for Chinese translation pages, and for various compilations of Mandarin used on the show.

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March 21, 2004

If we'd only had a goat or three with us...

Last night after an extended hiatus, we got back to our 7th Sea game. Hooray! After deposing one of the Eisenfursts and replacing him with Gustav's brother, we went off to try and hatch our drachen egg in Ussura (but all of this is plot, with which we need not concern ourselves here).

On the way, we found ourselves needing to cross a bridge--but unfortunately, beneath the bridge was a troll. Who felt that payment should be rendered before we could pass, said payment to be rendered in food, in the form of two party members. Now, we could have tried to fight him, but it would've been a tough fight. And besides, Catriona kept thinking, "If I can't outsmart a troll, then I just need to go home."

We debated various ways to deceive the troll, until Cat hit on the idea of wrapping up bits of refuse and old clothing and crunchy bits and such in a tarp, and giving "our servants", neatly bundled, to him. We did, he was happy, we crossed the bridge. (But not before I scared everyone else with my attention to detail in creating these little troll burritos.)

Unfortunately, we had to return the same way. The troll thought he had us beaten--we had no more servants with us! We convinced him that we had more servants waiting in the town beyond, and that if he would just wait, we'd bring them to him. I stayed behind as collateral (and rather amusingly--if ineffectively--tried to convince him to either stop eating people or move to a different bridge). So. Two more "servants" into the breach, and once again we go on our merry way.

In passing out experience points and reputation points (the latter is important to my character, as she can use her reputation to use magic), Jason tells me that I effectively lost two reputation points. Why? Because word spreads that I feed my servants to trolls! Even worse, the Seelie Court in my homeland gets word that I've been fraternizing with the Unseelie Court. Catriona has some 'splaining to do when she gets home.... (Of course, on the up side, the service at home is going to be much better now.)

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March 12, 2004

More meta than thou

Just when you think I couldn't get any wackier with my gaming habits, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Museum of the Metaphysical. Yes, it's a fandom community for a TV show that doesn't exist (i.e., Timeline, my Buffy game). You can also go here and read journal entries from all the participants. Oh, and the comments! You must read the comments for full humor effect. ;)

It should be at least mildly amusing for folks who are familiar with online fandoms, who are familiar with our Buffy game, or who appreciate mockery of online idiocy. (Of course, those of us participating think it's the funniest thing ever.) Everyone else will be frightened and possibly horrified.

Hey, there's even a quiz you can take!

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January 25, 2004

7th Sea amusement

Slowly but surely it seems that the majority of our party is being thrown into positions of power within their respective countries. Cat is assumed (wrongfully) by most to be the next queen of Inismore. Gustav is slowly but surely collecting the missing pieces of the Eisen Imperator's missing Dracheneisen, Pietra not only has a drachen's shadowskin, but also has a drachen's egg in her possession. Raven has developed what looks like the beginnings of a sorcery that hasn't existed in Theah for some time, and Rahne... well, Rahne (for now) just points and laughs at the rest of us.

So I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me yesterday when we wound up deposing the Eisenfurst of Heiligrund, Gus's home province. We left Gus's brother in charge. And managed to piss off the Schattenman (again). I'm really wishing I had made Catriona a full-blooded Glamour mage right now, instead of only half-blooded. I mean, if the sidhe of Avalon really want us to drive the Schattenman out of Eisen, the least they could do is give Cat a little more power with which to do it. ;)

I'm starting to want to get into a full-fledged play by email 7th Sea game--just cause I wanna play around with other character concepts now.

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January 23, 2004

"That's no moon, it's a space station!"

I logged on tonight to see this. Morse also suggested the subject line. I dunno who he is, but he's freakin' hysterical. I'm Catriona there, if you wondered.

Ashtara says, "Catri!"
Carly says, "OMG Catriona!"
Carly pages: l sherri
Morse twitches. God damn it, Carly. Should have just told me to trust you.
Carly laughs.
Bryon snickers.
Bryon thinks he knows why a person walks towards them. Gravity.

So, of course, I looked at Sherri--who wasn't logged in.

You see her standing across the room, apparently oblivious to the silent commotion her presence generates. She is obviously a very attractive woman, with a confident, "femme fatale" aura about her, despite her deceivingly angelical features. Her long, dark blonde hair falls in silky gentle waves down her back and her magnetic green eyes sparkle with sensual innocence. However, you can almost swear that a tinge of mischief also becomes evident in them occasionally, whenever she allows her guard to come down. There's definitely more to her than meets the eye, you think, noticing her full lips smiling, politely but condescendingly, as she subtly tries to express her lack of interest to one of her admirers. You walk closer to her, attracted by something more than just her physical beauty, and as you get an unobstructed view of her body your tongue suddenly goes dry. You can hardly believe your eyes as they become riveted to what is clearly to you now her most prominent asset: her breasts. They are enormous. Immense. Even obscenely so, but somehow you feel more inclined towards the word "magnificent". Your mind boggles at their size, at the sight of them arrogantly stretching the fabric of her sweater, and you wonder if you had ever seen any this large. You can't really remember, but there is something about the way she carries them that tells you they're all natural. All you know now is how close to her - how close to those - you need to be.

Carly says, "They have their own gravitational pull????"
Bryon says, "They attract you to them. Gravity or magnetic."
Ashtara says, "Hypnotism!"
Morse, as a quantum singularity, is not subject to the Tit Moons of Sherri.

That particularly descriptive phrase stuck.

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January 14, 2004

7th Sea and online rp vs tabletop rp

Since there are a myriad of little personal bits and pieces of plot going on in 7th Sea right now, and since we're not meeting for the next three and a half weeks, we've taken part of our 7th Sea game online. There's an email scene going on, and tonight, , Jason, and I did a scene between Cat and Rahne regarding some startling new developments in Rahne's personal life. Fun stuff. If Dawn and Jason are willing, I'll share it with interested parties.

Anyway, it was FUN. RPing online, in a instant text environment, is like absolutely nothing else. It has an immediacy that email RP lacks, and a chance for creative expression that face to face RP lacks. It clicks with me, I love it to pieces. And I want to do more of it.

It's not MUSHing. I don't want to MUSH. This is very focused, specific, limited RP. And I have absolutely no real outlet to do it. I've been a part of it before, but the games all fell by the wayside when people got too busy. Isn't there anyway for me to feed this big RP monkey on my back? :)

(Edited to add, there's an update over at . Silly, self-pitying git. ;))

January 11, 2004

Because I am a big geek...

...and because last night's 7th Sea session proved to be a little more than my poor character's brain could bear, I broke down and started an in character journal for her. Expect more ranting there soon, Cat's just starting to get a handle on all the ramifications of her situation and I fully expect her brain to start exploding any time now.

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