January 23, 2004

"That's no moon, it's a space station!"

I logged on tonight to see this. Morse also suggested the subject line. I dunno who he is, but he's freakin' hysterical. I'm Catriona there, if you wondered.

Ashtara says, "Catri!"
Carly says, "OMG Catriona!"
Carly pages: l sherri
Morse twitches. God damn it, Carly. Should have just told me to trust you.
Carly laughs.
Bryon snickers.
Bryon thinks he knows why a person walks towards them. Gravity.

So, of course, I looked at Sherri--who wasn't logged in.

You see her standing across the room, apparently oblivious to the silent commotion her presence generates. She is obviously a very attractive woman, with a confident, "femme fatale" aura about her, despite her deceivingly angelical features. Her long, dark blonde hair falls in silky gentle waves down her back and her magnetic green eyes sparkle with sensual innocence. However, you can almost swear that a tinge of mischief also becomes evident in them occasionally, whenever she allows her guard to come down. There's definitely more to her than meets the eye, you think, noticing her full lips smiling, politely but condescendingly, as she subtly tries to express her lack of interest to one of her admirers. You walk closer to her, attracted by something more than just her physical beauty, and as you get an unobstructed view of her body your tongue suddenly goes dry. You can hardly believe your eyes as they become riveted to what is clearly to you now her most prominent asset: her breasts. They are enormous. Immense. Even obscenely so, but somehow you feel more inclined towards the word "magnificent". Your mind boggles at their size, at the sight of them arrogantly stretching the fabric of her sweater, and you wonder if you had ever seen any this large. You can't really remember, but there is something about the way she carries them that tells you they're all natural. All you know now is how close to her - how close to those - you need to be.

Carly says, "They have their own gravitational pull????"
Bryon says, "They attract you to them. Gravity or magnetic."
Ashtara says, "Hypnotism!"
Morse, as a quantum singularity, is not subject to the Tit Moons of Sherri.

That particularly descriptive phrase stuck.

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