January 25, 2004

7th Sea amusement

Slowly but surely it seems that the majority of our party is being thrown into positions of power within their respective countries. Cat is assumed (wrongfully) by most to be the next queen of Inismore. Gustav is slowly but surely collecting the missing pieces of the Eisen Imperator's missing Dracheneisen, Pietra not only has a drachen's shadowskin, but also has a drachen's egg in her possession. Raven has developed what looks like the beginnings of a sorcery that hasn't existed in Theah for some time, and Rahne... well, Rahne (for now) just points and laughs at the rest of us.

So I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me yesterday when we wound up deposing the Eisenfurst of Heiligrund, Gus's home province. We left Gus's brother in charge. And managed to piss off the Schattenman (again). I'm really wishing I had made Catriona a full-blooded Glamour mage right now, instead of only half-blooded. I mean, if the sidhe of Avalon really want us to drive the Schattenman out of Eisen, the least they could do is give Cat a little more power with which to do it. ;)

I'm starting to want to get into a full-fledged play by email 7th Sea game--just cause I wanna play around with other character concepts now.

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