October 12, 2003

7th Sea quotes

I'm still awake, so I might as well post 'em.

Jason: The seneschal says he can't die until his son settles down enough to take his place. Since this is Inishmore, he might not be kidding.

Two weeks after a whirlwind surprise visit from the Inish king, it finally hits Catriona:
Catriona: The King. The King was in my house. The O'Bannon was in my house. I never even got to offer him a drink!
Rahne: He never let you get a word in edgewise.

Rahne's first mate, Seamus, makes a very subtle pass at Catriona:
Jason: He's not too worried. He's pretty sure he's the only one on the ship you can't fire.
Bill: I dunno. How big's the cannon?

My comment on the above situation was, "I recognize dramatic inevitability when I see it." The sheltered, scholarly noblewoman slowly starting to come into her own and the lower-class first mate who isn't what he seems. Given the number and type of conversations they've had (not to mention the number of times she's seen him up in the rigging wearing just a kilt), the genre rules pretty much insist that some sort of romantic involvement occur. Which is going to be funny as hell to watch. Currently, Catriona is insisting to herself that Seamus didn't mean what she thought he meant, therefore she's going to ignore the entire situation.

I seriously love this game. The group is fun, and Catriona is a hoot and a half to play. Especially since she's starting to get delusions of herself as a woman of the world.

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