March 21, 2004

If we'd only had a goat or three with us...

Last night after an extended hiatus, we got back to our 7th Sea game. Hooray! After deposing one of the Eisenfursts and replacing him with Gustav's brother, we went off to try and hatch our drachen egg in Ussura (but all of this is plot, with which we need not concern ourselves here).

On the way, we found ourselves needing to cross a bridge--but unfortunately, beneath the bridge was a troll. Who felt that payment should be rendered before we could pass, said payment to be rendered in food, in the form of two party members. Now, we could have tried to fight him, but it would've been a tough fight. And besides, Catriona kept thinking, "If I can't outsmart a troll, then I just need to go home."

We debated various ways to deceive the troll, until Cat hit on the idea of wrapping up bits of refuse and old clothing and crunchy bits and such in a tarp, and giving "our servants", neatly bundled, to him. We did, he was happy, we crossed the bridge. (But not before I scared everyone else with my attention to detail in creating these little troll burritos.)

Unfortunately, we had to return the same way. The troll thought he had us beaten--we had no more servants with us! We convinced him that we had more servants waiting in the town beyond, and that if he would just wait, we'd bring them to him. I stayed behind as collateral (and rather amusingly--if ineffectively--tried to convince him to either stop eating people or move to a different bridge). So. Two more "servants" into the breach, and once again we go on our merry way.

In passing out experience points and reputation points (the latter is important to my character, as she can use her reputation to use magic), Jason tells me that I effectively lost two reputation points. Why? Because word spreads that I feed my servants to trolls! Even worse, the Seelie Court in my homeland gets word that I've been fraternizing with the Unseelie Court. Catriona has some 'splaining to do when she gets home.... (Of course, on the up side, the service at home is going to be much better now.)

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