June 28, 2003

7th Sea quotes

Funniest game EVER. There were several occasions I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to make myself sick.

We were doing, essentially, a dungeon crawl through a legendary pirate's castle. The Eisen sword master, played by Bill, found the pirate's sword hanging on wall. He picked it up without checking for traps and got poked in the finger by a needle trap. While the rest of us panicked, the Explorer's Society party member (who happens to be the Eisen's RL wife, Joelle) says, "I grab his hand and start sucking the prick!"

Needless to say, pandemonium ensued while we all howled with laughter.

So later in the game, my character finds a note hidden in a desk that reads, "You'll never find my booty."

Dawn: "Ew, do we want to?"
Bill: "Well we already found his prick..."

It was a very phallic-oriented game, over all.

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June 22, 2003

Yeah yeah, moving, whatever, here's what's REALLY important...

I ran Changeling on Friday.

Jake is dead. Long live Aislinn.

I seriously can't believe I killed off my most favorite roleplaying character EVER. And what a death. Now the PCs have to figure out why their beloved baroness died trying to murder an apparently innocent troll, and apparently at someone else's behest. Whose orders was she following? And why?

Hee. And the PCs are SO close to the truth. Ed (Jason) was trying to figure out if an oath like Clasped Hands (which Jake and Laren had sworn once upon a time) was binding after the death of one party. I teased them: "Jeez, you guys. Laren's dead and you're STILL trying to blame everything on him!"

I'm evil.

Aislinn's Chrysalis was lovely, except that she aged in my head about ten or fifteen years mentally. The girl was freaking me out. This is not the Aislinn I was going to play online. This is a five year old with the Bardic Tongue flaw, insanely high Soothsay and Remembrance 5. She's downright eerie.

Rosie (Dawn) made some comment to Aislinn about getting her a padlock for her sealskin, referring to the number of times Jake had hers threatened or stolen.
Aislinn smiled beatifically at Rosie and said, "It's okay. They killed Ryan for good. He was half in moonlight and half in sunlight when he died. He won't come back."

And the cliffhanger? Val, the troll Jake tried to kill, revealed her real purpose in coming to Santa Barbara, and helped lift a curse from another PC. It ended with her shapeshifted as a panther.

Not so much in the way of moving ahead the main plot, but the characters are all falling into place and the subplots are humming busily along. I'm a happy evil GM. :)

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