July 19, 2003

7th Sea quotes

Well, last night I finally broke down during 7th Sea, and taking a page from , started taking down quotes during game. Which has led to the notion of putting up a web page for the campaign. I might work on that later this weekend, today or tomorrow. So... quotes from last night's game. All of this session's are in character.

Gustav: (in Avalon) I have business with a man who sails on a pirate ship.
Raven: (in Vendel, translating for him) There's this guy who kicked his butt that he's trying to find.

Rahne: Cat, I'm the captain of my own ship! I know how to behave on shore leave!
Catriona: Rahne, you're the captain of my ship, and I know better than to trust you on shore leave!

(note to : how the hell do you spell her name?!)

Gustav: I'm standing in goat shit. Move.

Catriona: (repeated several times this session) We will never speak of this again.

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July 03, 2003

Last night's Buffy game

Last night was the season opener for season two of Timeline, 's Buffy game. It was also the Halloween episode, which, if you know the show, then you know that means all sorts of special mayhem.

The night before Halloween, while patrolling, Charity was chasing down a vampire that was apparently eating a squirrel in the bushes. She tackled him only to find herself pinned by this "scruffy, drop-dead gorgeous" guy who said, "Charity, this isn't right. You have to get back the other potentials." (Which we lost last season, except for Tobey and Oriel, Charity's roommates.) Then he punches her just hard enough to keep her from following, and vanishes into the night.

I knew I was in trouble, because kept telling me over and over again, hottie vampire, hottie vampire. So after an amusing Halloween distraction where, surprise, we all started turning into our Halloween costumes (although, 's twist on this rocked), we manage to get back to our original plan, i.e., stop the evil vampiric fraternity on campus from having a smorgasbord at their Halloween party. And, oh look! Waiting for us at the frat house is said hottie vampire, offering to help us. FINALLY someone says, "So who are you?" He says, "I'm Angel." I think at this point I screamed, "I HATE YOU!" at Mer.

Of course, it turns out, he's around because, duh, Buffy's one of the potentials who's gone missing, so we have to get her back too. ;) Fortunately, Angel did tell us that his destiny was tied up with one of the potentials, so Charity went from borderline swooning to sullen teenager around him. I still think she's in line for a heartbreak, either from him or from Max, who doesn't seem to know she's alive. To quote , "Charity totally has a tragic romance in her," (at which point interjected, "Of course she does, she's 18!") "but the vampire/Slayer thing is overdone."

Of course, I'm TOTALLY not doing justice at all to the absolute hilarity of the entire session. I can't even try. Suffice to say, when there's so much laughter that a) people have to keep running to the bathroom and b) someone gets an asthma attack, you know it's The Funny. I'm dying to see the quotes for this episode.

When last we left our heroes, they were running through the sewers, trying to stop the vampires from opening the Hellmouth. Tune in next time...

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