August 30, 2003

7th Sea quotes

From the 'Haven't We Heard This Before' files...
Erica (Gustav's NPC sister): It's just a book. What harm ever came from reading a book?

The implication is made that Raven either was or visited a whore on our last shore leave.
Raven: We didn't pay, we seduced!

Why taking a potty break after an initiative roll is bad
Lisa: All right, I have to go, but I'm going to hold my two until later.
Jason: You shouldn't do that, it's unhealthy.

Bill: I'm binding his sword. Just call me cheese.
A few minutes later, Catriona uses glamour to turn said sword into cheese...
Lisa: You bind the cheese, it doesn't bind you.

I got the drama die for comedy for that, plus I got to make the evening's obligatory Buffy reference.

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August 17, 2003

7th Sea!

7th Sea got postponed due to the apocalypse, but we finally managed to get together last night. It was a riot. We have a new PC, Pietra, a Ussuran lady's maid and currently (since we rescued her off the island she was shipwrecked on) ship's cook. We're all much happier.

We also all learned a valuable lesson about the swashbuckling genre: If you have a family member somewhere, that family member will turn up and cause trouble--and it doesn't matter if that family member died. We learned this twice over. Gustav's sister showed up first. She's 16 and madly in love... with the guy chasing us and trying to kill us. If she were a typical 16 year old girl that would be one thing, but as Gus's family owns a fighting academy... she could pretty much wipe the floor with most of us, except maybe Gus.

Then, just as the game was coming to a close, Rahne and Catriona (Dawn and I) both heard their brother Patrick calling for help somewhere on the other side of the world. That we heard him calling for help isn't so odd--it's a Glamour knack, and Catriona can do it. However--Patrick, as far as we knew, wasn't a sorceror at all. And even more, Patrick, as far as we knew, died several years ago in the war. So we're understandably flabbergasted. It was fun.

Explaining the dice system to Kelly, Pietra's player
Jason: Well, there are several times when exploding dice can be bad, for instance, when I'm throwing barrels at Bill...
Bill: Yeah, keep laughing, Donkey Kong.

Pietra: You must have faced horrible privation for a lady on this journey.
Catriona: It really hasn't been so bad, except for the tentacles.

Gustav: Captain, there's a boatful of fruit wanting to come on board.

Rahne: The whores are always greener in the next port.
(This one broke the room up for about five minutes.)

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August 01, 2003

Buffy RPG goodness

Buffy was tons of fun tonight. Charity went into full blown self-pity mode (as can be seen by her journal entry which is already up for tonight's session). She rebelled against the Professor (her senior Watcher) which got her into a fight with Mel, her official Watcher. It's kinda funny, because Charity is absolutely dead CERTAIN in her head that she's right and everyone else is wrong, even though I can recognize that, well, she's acting like an 18 year old kid.

Still, high melodrama all around, which is always a bunch of fun.

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