September 28, 2003

7th Sea quotes

Last night we were all easily distracted, but we ended up playing until 1:30 in the morning. Catriona shocked herself and everyone else in the party by charging into combat (afterwards, realizing what she'd done, she promptly fainted).

Funny if you know 7th Sea's world:
Catriona: Gustav, we're from Inishmore. We know a little about crazy princes.

Jason complains that his 100-ft long sorcerous snake is rolling badly. Bill pantomimes playing a violin.
Kelly: The violin is too big.
Bill: It's a big snake.

Regarding other game systems:
Jason: Ah, knockback. How do I love thee...
Kelly: ...let me count the hexes.

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September 15, 2003

7th Sea quotes

Forgot to post these this week as well. I have to say, Catriona seems to be coming into her own, both as a character and within the party. It's pretty cool. Even if she did accidentally summon the German (er, Eisen, yeah) equivalent of the boogeyman.

Regarding the use of glamour to call for help:
Lisa: All three of us hear the call, right?
Jason: Yeah.
Lisa: It's three-way calling!
Bill: The sidhe have conference calling!

Jason: Carleon's a silly place. Let's not stay there.

Catriona warns Raven not to try to seduce the monks they're traveling with
Pietra: Don't people who've taken vows of poverty generally like things that are cheap?

Not a huge amount of hilarity this week. We were traveling through a war-ravaged country, and the mood was (for us) pretty serious.

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September 12, 2003

I've laughed so hard that I hurt

Buffy tonight was the funniest thing ever. You know it's funny when people are laughing until they either cry, hurt, throw up, have an asthma attack, or die. Or all of the above. Not necessarily in that order. didn't have an asthma attack tonight, but I swear to god, I almost did. And I don't even have asthma.

Spike made an appearance. Yes, that Spike. And he kicked Charity's ass mightily. And Max lost another roommate. But two people got staked in the ass (the second one was in retribution for the first), and someone else peed their pants. Unfortunately, it was Tobey, and she peed her pants laughing at Charity. Why was she laughing at Charity? Because Charity tried to headbutt Spike just as Spike was moving in to bite her.

It ended badly for all concerned. Suffice to say, Charity has a little dimple in her skull where she had a vampire fang stuck for several rounds of combat. It probably wouldn't have been so funny without Brandon acting out the situation (i.e., vampire with fang stuck in slayer's forehead).

I would say more, but I'm incoherent and I still hurt from laughing.

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