September 20, 2004

"Firefly" RP Goodness

closer2myself talked me into joining her online "Firefly"-based campaign, Tales From the 'Verse (yeah, she didn't have to try too hard), and boy am I glad she did. I spent a good part of the weekend playing out exactly how my character, the ship's doctor, wound up with such a motley crew.

Emma's backstory has been a hoot and a half, but here's my personal favorite comment of Emma's, after two unknown hooligans have barricaded themselves in her makeshift clinic:

"Excuse me, but do you and your friend Ruby have a plan for escaping, once you've barricaded yourselves in my clinic?" Emma asked, indicating the back of the "clinic", a solid wall. "I don't precisely have a back door, and if you decide to change that, someone will have to pay my jingchang mei yong de landlord the damages. Someone not me."

Hooray for Chinese translation pages, and for various compilations of Mandarin used on the show.

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