7th Sea

If we'd only had a goat or three with us...

Last night after an extended hiatus, we got back to our 7th Sea game. Hooray! After deposing one of the Eisenfursts and replacing him with Gustav's brother, we went off to try and hatch our drachen egg in Ussura (but all of this is plot, with which we need not concern ourselves here).

On the way, we found ourselves needing to cross a bridge--but unfortunately, beneath the bridge was a troll. Who felt that payment should be rendered before we could pass, said payment to be rendered in food, in the form of two party members. Now, we could have tried to fight him, but it would've been a tough fight. And besides, Catriona kept thinking, "If I can't outsmart a troll, then I just need to go home."

We debated various ways to deceive the troll, until Cat hit on the idea of wrapping up bits of refuse and old clothing and crunchy bits and such in a tarp, and giving "our servants", neatly bundled, to him. We did, he was happy, we crossed the bridge. (But not before I scared everyone else with my attention to detail in creating these little troll burritos.)

Unfortunately, we had to return the same way. The troll thought he had us beaten--we had no more servants with us! We convinced him that we had more servants waiting in the town beyond, and that if he would just wait, we'd bring them to him. I stayed behind as collateral (and rather amusingly--if ineffectively--tried to convince him to either stop eating people or move to a different bridge). So. Two more "servants" into the breach, and once again we go on our merry way.

In passing out experience points and reputation points (the latter is important to my character, as she can use her reputation to use magic), Jason tells me that I effectively lost two reputation points. Why? Because word spreads that I feed my servants to trolls! Even worse, the Seelie Court in my homeland gets word that I've been fraternizing with the Unseelie Court. Catriona has some 'splaining to do when she gets home.... (Of course, on the up side, the service at home is going to be much better now.)

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7th Sea amusement

Slowly but surely it seems that the majority of our party is being thrown into positions of power within their respective countries. Cat is assumed (wrongfully) by most to be the next queen of Inismore. Gustav is slowly but surely collecting the missing pieces of the Eisen Imperator's missing Dracheneisen, Pietra not only has a drachen's shadowskin, but also has a drachen's egg in her possession. Raven has developed what looks like the beginnings of a sorcery that hasn't existed in Theah for some time, and Rahne... well, Rahne (for now) just points and laughs at the rest of us.

So I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me yesterday when we wound up deposing the Eisenfurst of Heiligrund, Gus's home province. We left Gus's brother in charge. And managed to piss off the Schattenman (again). I'm really wishing I had made Catriona a full-blooded Glamour mage right now, instead of only half-blooded. I mean, if the sidhe of Avalon really want us to drive the Schattenman out of Eisen, the least they could do is give Cat a little more power with which to do it. ;)

I'm starting to want to get into a full-fledged play by email 7th Sea game--just cause I wanna play around with other character concepts now.

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7th Sea and online rp vs tabletop rp

Since there are a myriad of little personal bits and pieces of plot going on in 7th Sea right now, and since we're not meeting for the next three and a half weeks, we've taken part of our 7th Sea game online. There's an email scene going on, and tonight, , Jason, and I did a scene between Cat and Rahne regarding some startling new developments in Rahne's personal life. Fun stuff. If Dawn and Jason are willing, I'll share it with interested parties.

Anyway, it was FUN. RPing online, in a instant text environment, is like absolutely nothing else. It has an immediacy that email RP lacks, and a chance for creative expression that face to face RP lacks. It clicks with me, I love it to pieces. And I want to do more of it.

It's not MUSHing. I don't want to MUSH. This is very focused, specific, limited RP. And I have absolutely no real outlet to do it. I've been a part of it before, but the games all fell by the wayside when people got too busy. Isn't there anyway for me to feed this big RP monkey on my back? :)

(Edited to add, there's an update over at . Silly, self-pitying git. ;))

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Because I am a big geek...

...and because last night's 7th Sea session proved to be a little more than my poor character's brain could bear, I broke down and started an in character journal for her. Expect more ranting there soon, Cat's just starting to get a handle on all the ramifications of her situation and I fully expect her brain to start exploding any time now.

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7th Sea (and other assorted gaming stuff)

Before I do the quotes--which are pretty limited this week because we were all tired and half the group had spent the afternoon playing Deadlands. The Deadlands session could be an entry in and of itself, but it might be whiny and grouchy about arbitrary GM calls designed to either make the PCs fail or punish them for succeeding--although it's worth noting that the two GM calls in question were both later revoked, which meant that the party's insanely lucky dice rolls not only succeeded, but they didn't result in the entire party being blown to smithereens and the campaign ending abruptly.

But I wasn't going to write about that, right? So yeah, 7th Sea was low-key (not a single die was rolled) but extremely enjoyable, at least for me. This is the first time in a long time, pretty much since the end of my hard-core MUSHing days, that I've had characters (Cat and Charity from the Buffy game) I'm so in touch with and that are evolving so much. Catriona is slowly but surely changing from a kind of shallow, scholarly, cowardly noble into a proactive, determined, good-hearted person. She's getting very complex on me, and I love it.

A good chunk of last night's session ended up with Cat's initial desire to help out in Eisen (think Germany after the Thirty Year's War) turning into something that isn't only helping out in Eisen, but is helping transform the economic structure of her own hometown. That's heady stuff, to realize that your character is literally changing the world, not by blowing something up or using magic, but just by problem-solving and careful investment of time and money. Then there was whole bit about her and her sister Rahne not only dealing with their own grief and guilt over their brother's recent death, but dealing with his widow (whose existence they just learned of), who blames them for his death as much as Cat, at least, blames herself.

This is the stuff of gaming that I live for. And it's not just me. Jason's managing to work this sort of thing in for everybody. I'm so impressed. I've bitched about his GMing before, especially when we first started playing, because it seemed so different from the type of gaming I like to do. I'm really starting to wonder if it isn't the game instead, i.e., the difference between D&D vs. 7th Sea. Sooner or later, he's gonna make me cry. I can just tell. To me that's the mark of an awesome GM. Is that so wrong? :)

So yeah, there were really only a couple of quotes:

On learning that Cat's philathropic activities are costing her some social invitations:
Dawn: The old Catriona would have been mortified.
Lisa: Well, the new Catriona is just pissed.

On being too close to sword and pistol practice:
Kelly: Besides, I don't want to be downstairs when she goes ting ting ting, "aw screw this." (Mimes pulling out a pistol.) BAM!

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7th Sea quotes

I'm still awake, so I might as well post 'em.

Jason: The seneschal says he can't die until his son settles down enough to take his place. Since this is Inishmore, he might not be kidding.

Two weeks after a whirlwind surprise visit from the Inish king, it finally hits Catriona:
Catriona: The King. The King was in my house. The O'Bannon was in my house. I never even got to offer him a drink!
Rahne: He never let you get a word in edgewise.

Rahne's first mate, Seamus, makes a very subtle pass at Catriona:
Jason: He's not too worried. He's pretty sure he's the only one on the ship you can't fire.
Bill: I dunno. How big's the cannon?

My comment on the above situation was, "I recognize dramatic inevitability when I see it." The sheltered, scholarly noblewoman slowly starting to come into her own and the lower-class first mate who isn't what he seems. Given the number and type of conversations they've had (not to mention the number of times she's seen him up in the rigging wearing just a kilt), the genre rules pretty much insist that some sort of romantic involvement occur. Which is going to be funny as hell to watch. Currently, Catriona is insisting to herself that Seamus didn't mean what she thought he meant, therefore she's going to ignore the entire situation.

I seriously love this game. The group is fun, and Catriona is a hoot and a half to play. Especially since she's starting to get delusions of herself as a woman of the world.

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7th Sea quotes

Last night we were all easily distracted, but we ended up playing until 1:30 in the morning. Catriona shocked herself and everyone else in the party by charging into combat (afterwards, realizing what she'd done, she promptly fainted).

Funny if you know 7th Sea's world:
Catriona: Gustav, we're from Inishmore. We know a little about crazy princes.

Jason complains that his 100-ft long sorcerous snake is rolling badly. Bill pantomimes playing a violin.
Kelly: The violin is too big.
Bill: It's a big snake.

Regarding other game systems:
Jason: Ah, knockback. How do I love thee...
Kelly: ...let me count the hexes.

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7th Sea quotes

Forgot to post these this week as well. I have to say, Catriona seems to be coming into her own, both as a character and within the party. It's pretty cool. Even if she did accidentally summon the German (er, Eisen, yeah) equivalent of the boogeyman.

Regarding the use of glamour to call for help:
Lisa: All three of us hear the call, right?
Jason: Yeah.
Lisa: It's three-way calling!
Bill: The sidhe have conference calling!

Jason: Carleon's a silly place. Let's not stay there.

Catriona warns Raven not to try to seduce the monks they're traveling with
Pietra: Don't people who've taken vows of poverty generally like things that are cheap?

Not a huge amount of hilarity this week. We were traveling through a war-ravaged country, and the mood was (for us) pretty serious.

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7th Sea quotes

From the 'Haven't We Heard This Before' files...
Erica (Gustav's NPC sister): It's just a book. What harm ever came from reading a book?

The implication is made that Raven either was or visited a whore on our last shore leave.
Raven: We didn't pay, we seduced!

Why taking a potty break after an initiative roll is bad
Lisa: All right, I have to go, but I'm going to hold my two until later.
Jason: You shouldn't do that, it's unhealthy.

Bill: I'm binding his sword. Just call me cheese.
A few minutes later, Catriona uses glamour to turn said sword into cheese...
Lisa: You bind the cheese, it doesn't bind you.

I got the drama die for comedy for that, plus I got to make the evening's obligatory Buffy reference.

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7th Sea!

7th Sea got postponed due to the apocalypse, but we finally managed to get together last night. It was a riot. We have a new PC, Pietra, a Ussuran lady's maid and currently (since we rescued her off the island she was shipwrecked on) ship's cook. We're all much happier.

We also all learned a valuable lesson about the swashbuckling genre: If you have a family member somewhere, that family member will turn up and cause trouble--and it doesn't matter if that family member died. We learned this twice over. Gustav's sister showed up first. She's 16 and madly in love... with the guy chasing us and trying to kill us. If she were a typical 16 year old girl that would be one thing, but as Gus's family owns a fighting academy... she could pretty much wipe the floor with most of us, except maybe Gus.

Then, just as the game was coming to a close, Rahne and Catriona (Dawn and I) both heard their brother Patrick calling for help somewhere on the other side of the world. That we heard him calling for help isn't so odd--it's a Glamour knack, and Catriona can do it. However--Patrick, as far as we knew, wasn't a sorceror at all. And even more, Patrick, as far as we knew, died several years ago in the war. So we're understandably flabbergasted. It was fun.

Explaining the dice system to Kelly, Pietra's player
Jason: Well, there are several times when exploding dice can be bad, for instance, when I'm throwing barrels at Bill...
Bill: Yeah, keep laughing, Donkey Kong.

Pietra: You must have faced horrible privation for a lady on this journey.
Catriona: It really hasn't been so bad, except for the tentacles.

Gustav: Captain, there's a boatful of fruit wanting to come on board.

Rahne: The whores are always greener in the next port.
(This one broke the room up for about five minutes.)

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7th Sea quotes

Well, last night I finally broke down during 7th Sea, and taking a page from , started taking down quotes during game. Which has led to the notion of putting up a web page for the campaign. I might work on that later this weekend, today or tomorrow. So... quotes from last night's game. All of this session's are in character.

Gustav: (in Avalon) I have business with a man who sails on a pirate ship.
Raven: (in Vendel, translating for him) There's this guy who kicked his butt that he's trying to find.

Rahne: Cat, I'm the captain of my own ship! I know how to behave on shore leave!
Catriona: Rahne, you're the captain of my ship, and I know better than to trust you on shore leave!

(note to : how the hell do you spell her name?!)

Gustav: I'm standing in goat shit. Move.

Catriona: (repeated several times this session) We will never speak of this again.

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7th Sea quotes

Funniest game EVER. There were several occasions I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to make myself sick.

We were doing, essentially, a dungeon crawl through a legendary pirate's castle. The Eisen sword master, played by Bill, found the pirate's sword hanging on wall. He picked it up without checking for traps and got poked in the finger by a needle trap. While the rest of us panicked, the Explorer's Society party member (who happens to be the Eisen's RL wife, Joelle) says, "I grab his hand and start sucking the prick!"

Needless to say, pandemonium ensued while we all howled with laughter.

So later in the game, my character finds a note hidden in a desk that reads, "You'll never find my booty."

Dawn: "Ew, do we want to?"
Bill: "Well we already found his prick..."

It was a very phallic-oriented game, over all.

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I almost forgot, I got my first drama die in 7th Sea tonight. If you're not familiar with the system, you get drama dice when you do something cinematic, or cool, or funny, or really in character. I don't usually get them, just because I'm rarely super clever off the cuff.

So I'm playing the reluctant scholar who got dragged along on this wild goose chase. We're three days at sea, a crew member turns up missing, and Jason tells us that from below decks we hear, "Sweet merciful Theus!"

Me: *looks up, mimes turning something* Click.
Dawn: *looks at me for a second and then sputters* Did you just lock yourself in your cabin?!
Me: Yup.

So Jason chucked a drama die at me. :) Apparently, my character's a coward. Whee!

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Geek note:

I created a new friends group specifically for game and GM-related meanderings, both to spare those of you who aren't interested and to keep secrets from my players, mwahaha. If you're not seeing a friend-locked post about this, and want to be in on the geekiness, lemme know.

I do, however, feel compelled to share what's probably my favorite quote from 7th Sea on Friday. Gustav is Bill's character, an Eisen sword instructor. He was facing off against an Eisen villain.

As the fight starts, the villain makes some snide remark about Gustav being one of those "Academy boys". Later, Gustav grabs the villain's sword in his panzerhand. The villain throws a punch and misses. As he's ducking the punch, Gustav comments, "You know, an Academy boy would've made that punch." Then later, after the villain misses with his sword, Gustav took a moment to offer a critique of his stance. I so love 7th Sea. I'm still giggling about that fight. :)

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