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More meta than thou

Just when you think I couldn't get any wackier with my gaming habits, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Museum of the Metaphysical. Yes, it's a fandom community for a TV show that doesn't exist (i.e., Timeline, my Buffy game). You can also go here and read journal entries from all the participants. Oh, and the comments! You must read the comments for full humor effect. ;)

It should be at least mildly amusing for folks who are familiar with online fandoms, who are familiar with our Buffy game, or who appreciate mockery of online idiocy. (Of course, those of us participating think it's the funniest thing ever.) Everyone else will be frightened and possibly horrified.

Hey, there's even a quiz you can take!

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I've laughed so hard that I hurt

Buffy tonight was the funniest thing ever. You know it's funny when people are laughing until they either cry, hurt, throw up, have an asthma attack, or die. Or all of the above. Not necessarily in that order. didn't have an asthma attack tonight, but I swear to god, I almost did. And I don't even have asthma.

Spike made an appearance. Yes, that Spike. And he kicked Charity's ass mightily. And Max lost another roommate. But two people got staked in the ass (the second one was in retribution for the first), and someone else peed their pants. Unfortunately, it was Tobey, and she peed her pants laughing at Charity. Why was she laughing at Charity? Because Charity tried to headbutt Spike just as Spike was moving in to bite her.

It ended badly for all concerned. Suffice to say, Charity has a little dimple in her skull where she had a vampire fang stuck for several rounds of combat. It probably wouldn't have been so funny without Brandon acting out the situation (i.e., vampire with fang stuck in slayer's forehead).

I would say more, but I'm incoherent and I still hurt from laughing.

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Buffy RPG goodness

Buffy was tons of fun tonight. Charity went into full blown self-pity mode (as can be seen by her journal entry which is already up for tonight's session). She rebelled against the Professor (her senior Watcher) which got her into a fight with Mel, her official Watcher. It's kinda funny, because Charity is absolutely dead CERTAIN in her head that she's right and everyone else is wrong, even though I can recognize that, well, she's acting like an 18 year old kid.

Still, high melodrama all around, which is always a bunch of fun.

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Last night's Buffy game

Last night was the season opener for season two of Timeline, 's Buffy game. It was also the Halloween episode, which, if you know the show, then you know that means all sorts of special mayhem.

The night before Halloween, while patrolling, Charity was chasing down a vampire that was apparently eating a squirrel in the bushes. She tackled him only to find herself pinned by this "scruffy, drop-dead gorgeous" guy who said, "Charity, this isn't right. You have to get back the other potentials." (Which we lost last season, except for Tobey and Oriel, Charity's roommates.) Then he punches her just hard enough to keep her from following, and vanishes into the night.

I knew I was in trouble, because kept telling me over and over again, hottie vampire, hottie vampire. So after an amusing Halloween distraction where, surprise, we all started turning into our Halloween costumes (although, 's twist on this rocked), we manage to get back to our original plan, i.e., stop the evil vampiric fraternity on campus from having a smorgasbord at their Halloween party. And, oh look! Waiting for us at the frat house is said hottie vampire, offering to help us. FINALLY someone says, "So who are you?" He says, "I'm Angel." I think at this point I screamed, "I HATE YOU!" at Mer.

Of course, it turns out, he's around because, duh, Buffy's one of the potentials who's gone missing, so we have to get her back too. ;) Fortunately, Angel did tell us that his destiny was tied up with one of the potentials, so Charity went from borderline swooning to sullen teenager around him. I still think she's in line for a heartbreak, either from him or from Max, who doesn't seem to know she's alive. To quote , "Charity totally has a tragic romance in her," (at which point interjected, "Of course she does, she's 18!") "but the vampire/Slayer thing is overdone."

Of course, I'm TOTALLY not doing justice at all to the absolute hilarity of the entire session. I can't even try. Suffice to say, when there's so much laughter that a) people have to keep running to the bathroom and b) someone gets an asthma attack, you know it's The Funny. I'm dying to see the quotes for this episode.

When last we left our heroes, they were running through the sewers, trying to stop the vampires from opening the Hellmouth. Tune in next time...

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Warning, game heavy stuff

So, Thursday night, in 's Buffy game, amidst all the other plot craziness going on, Charity went on patrol and found herself face to face with Zach, the boy who lived across the hall from her who, before he became a vampire (which Charity blames herself for), was a friend and a roommate to Max, the boy she has a crush on. When it came down to it, she staked him, but had a really hard time with it, almost hesitated enough to get herself hurt.

Afterwards, I mentioned that she was going back to her dorm room, and made a joke about her having a "sad Slayer montage". (If you've watched many episodes of BtVS, you know exactly what I mean.) As a group, we jumped on that, and spent several minutes detailing the shots and images. It stuck with me, so I decided to try and write it up, a la the campaign trailers I've been doing. (Also, for the truly interested, Charity's in character journal entry about the whole thing can be found here.)

MUSIC: "Do What You Have to Do", Sarah McLachlan (lyrics here)

FADE IN: Fight. Sounds of Mel yelling. Charity plunges a stake into Zach's chest, who promptly dusts (although not the cool dust effect, as has been pointed out, this is only first season).


MEL: He would have just kept coming after us.

CHARITY: I know.

MEL: He was already dead.

CHARITY: I know.

Charity turns and walks away as the music starts. She walks through the darkened Ann Arbor streets as the opening lyrics are heard, "What ravages of spirit conjured this temptuous rage, created you a monster broken by the rule of love..."

Interspersed with a pensive Slayer walking the streets, in flashbacks, are various shots: The girls meeting Zach and Max on moving day, Zach asking Oriel out--repeatedly, always emphasizing Zach, the loner, not quite part of the group. Zach, the day of the truth spell, trying to ask out every girl on the hall. Zach, vamp face, moving through the tunnels under town. ("Fate has led you through it, you do what you have to do...")

By the end of the first verse/beginning of the second verse ("I have the sense to recognize that I don't know how to let you go..."), Charity reaches her dorm. Reaching the top of the stairs, she pauses, glancing at Max's door--should she go in and tell him? She turns away with the lyrics, "The yearning to be near you, I do what I have to do..." As she turns, the scene flashes on Zach's death again: stake plunging in, Zach's startled face, then dust.

Charity's room. The girls seem to be asleep at first, but Charity sees that Oriel is awake. The music fades after another repetition of "I don't know how to let you go."

CHARITY: Zach won't be bothering you anymore.

Oriel looks back for a moment, wordlessly nods. Is it possible she understands? Music comes back up on a repetition of "I know I can't be with you; I do what I have to do..." Close shot on Charity's face, cherry red hair like a stain against her pillowcase. A shaft of light from the window catches her expression at a slant, sorrowful but trying hard to be resolute, as the music repeats, "I don't know how to let you go..." Finally the song ends with no real resolution, it just stops, feeling unfinished.


I love gaming angst, I do.

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Buffy was way too much fun tonight. The mayhem included: Charity's first real actual SLAYING of a vampire, being able to finally confess to the roommates what's really going on, so they can presumably join in the fun, and the discovery (IC and OOC) of some interesting facts about the young man Charity's got her eye on. Suffice to say, whether or not romance ever blooms, there's a sure recipe for heartbreak and angst going on. YAY! Her diary is already up, for those of you interested in such things.

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Geek alert

I knew I was in trouble when Mer was counting on me to have updated this morning. Apparently I do need a more interesting life.

Gaming is very much on my brain lately, both computer and RPG. Dark Age of Camelot is sucking me in, without the level of frustration that EverQuest caused. The cats hate the game, by the way, because it means I'm not sitting on the couch, and therefore am not available as a lap. I know I've been playing too long when they start circling my feet and whining.

Also, Mer's Buffy game is taking up headspace too. Weird stuff is starting to happen, and Charity isn't reacting like a normal human being (i.e., running away when scary monsters show up). On one level it bothers me, because I try to play normal humans as normal humans instead of as roleplaying characters. (That might not make sense to anyone but me. You know, where you do things because that's what you do in a game, as opposed to what a normal person would do?) But on the other hand, Charity isn't a normal human, she just doesn't know it yet. So I'm trying to rationalize my non-normal behavior (i.e., kicking a demon instead of running away), as her Slayer-ish side coming out. I guess I just kinda feel a little rusty, roleplaying-wise.

Also, it looks like I'll be running Changeling again soon. This, I feel geeked about. I was really disappointed in how my last chronicle ended. I sorta botched it as a GM, and the ending wasn't satisfying for me or the players. But, after a lot of talk between me and Dawn and Jason, we're going to start a new chronicle in the same world, just a few years later. I have some ideas of what I want to do. I'll just need to dig out my old notes to see where I was going. :) Honestly, I wasn't nearly as comfortable running 7th Sea or Tribe 8, just because with Changeling, I knew the system and my world cold. So this should be fun.

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More geekiness

After wrestling with GoLive, I managed to pull together the beginnings of Charity's website. Still have to write a background for her, but the journal is up, complete with a first entry. Of course, it won't mean much unless you're in the game, but still... I'm pretty pleased with how the design looks, on my computer at least.

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Pictures and geekiness

I HATE looking for pictures on the web to use for roleplaying characters. I know exactly what Charity, my little 1994 alterna-girl Slayer (for 's Buffy game) looks like, now I just have to FIND something on the web that looks like her. Times like this I wish I could draw. Yeah, Charity's gonna have her own page here shortly, probably with a diary as well. She's already walking and talking in my head.

The most amusing thing to me tonight? One of Mer's coworker's is playing a girl named Toby. Short for October. When she told us her name I about fell out of my chair. I miss my Toby!

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