Dark Age of Camelot

Geek alert

I knew I was in trouble when Mer was counting on me to have updated this morning. Apparently I do need a more interesting life.

Gaming is very much on my brain lately, both computer and RPG. Dark Age of Camelot is sucking me in, without the level of frustration that EverQuest caused. The cats hate the game, by the way, because it means I'm not sitting on the couch, and therefore am not available as a lap. I know I've been playing too long when they start circling my feet and whining.

Also, Mer's Buffy game is taking up headspace too. Weird stuff is starting to happen, and Charity isn't reacting like a normal human being (i.e., running away when scary monsters show up). On one level it bothers me, because I try to play normal humans as normal humans instead of as roleplaying characters. (That might not make sense to anyone but me. You know, where you do things because that's what you do in a game, as opposed to what a normal person would do?) But on the other hand, Charity isn't a normal human, she just doesn't know it yet. So I'm trying to rationalize my non-normal behavior (i.e., kicking a demon instead of running away), as her Slayer-ish side coming out. I guess I just kinda feel a little rusty, roleplaying-wise.

Also, it looks like I'll be running Changeling again soon. This, I feel geeked about. I was really disappointed in how my last chronicle ended. I sorta botched it as a GM, and the ending wasn't satisfying for me or the players. But, after a lot of talk between me and Dawn and Jason, we're going to start a new chronicle in the same world, just a few years later. I have some ideas of what I want to do. I'll just need to dig out my old notes to see where I was going. :) Honestly, I wasn't nearly as comfortable running 7th Sea or Tribe 8, just because with Changeling, I knew the system and my world cold. So this should be fun.

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