Rising to the challenge...

Taking 's campaign trailer challenge... this is a slight revision of what I posted to RPG.net earlier...


VOICEOVER: In an age of heroes...

ESTABLISHING SHOT: Dark haired, handsome Oriental man, wielding hookswords and facing off against a shadowy, demonic opponent. Like dancing, he deftly steps in and guts the creature.

V.O.: ...not everyone can be the good guy.

SCENE: Same man, shamelessly carrying on with a tavern wench-type, ignoring a nearby fight in favor of the assets of the woman on his lap.

V.O.: But in a time of approaching darkness,

SHOTS of various evils: a dark, beautiful siren type curled in a marble pool, red-robed priests carrying torches to where a figure is bound to a stake, an enormous, barbarian of a figure, swinging an equally enormous hammer...

V.O.: ...heroes are made as well as born.

CUE MUSIC: Carmina Burana (what else?)

SCENE: The figure bound to the stake, clad in a flowing white gown, is a beautiful, golden-haired girl, suddenly blazes with the sigil of the Dawn caste on her forehead. With a somewhat reluctant sigh, our handsome hero swings into action and helps her escape.

V.O.: A woman newly called to her destiny.

SHOT of the girl, wielding a large sword with increasing dexterity.

V.O.: A man discovering that sometimes drifting on the winds of fortune...

SCENE: The man, dressed in more archaic clothing, in what is clearly a flashback, battles another man, the two screaming in anger at each other, "Because of you she is dead!", etc. With a sudden clash of swords and a flash of light, he finds himself sword to sword with the new Dawn. Man and woman stare at one another in disbelief, flashback over.

MAN: It's you.

V.O.: ...puts you in the last place you ever expected to be.

Action MONTAGE: Our heroes running through the woods, a shot of a silver-eyed, feral-looking woman looking ready for an ambush, glimpses of hideous demons and monsters, and finally, a looming, death-pale female Abyssal.

V.O.: In a world verging on madness, in a time where past, present, and future threaten to merge, two heroes reborn must learn again to work together and trust one another, or all will be lost.

Cut scene: Our heroes, in an alleyway, sounds of pursuit outside. The girl is about to pull the robe over her head, the man is facing away from her. She pauses. The man sighs again.

MAN: I swear I will not turn around.

The girl removes the robe, leaving her naked. Our perspective is from behind her, over her shoulder. Reflected in a window overhead, we see the man grin, clearly able to see behind him.


TEXT: To be continued, Summer 2003...

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