September 13, 2004


Tonight Mom and I went out to wrestle hoses across our newly acquired lawn (the last of the sod was put in on Saturday). I wore sandals, and when I sank into the wet ground, I got mud between my toes. Probably the first time that's happened in ten years or more. Then we sat for a little while on the deck and I watched the sun setting.

It's funny, the things we lose sight of. We've lived in this house for just over two months now, and I think I can count on one hand the times I've gone to sit on our back deck. Considering the view we've got, that's nearly criminal. It's just never seemed like the right time. Too hot, too rainy, too muggy, too cold, too late, too many mosquitoes... it never takes much to keep me indoors, and I always forget how much I actually enjoy being outdoors, once I get there.

After I came inside, I took off my sandals and stood in the tub to wash my feet. The warm soapy water between my toes felt even better than the mud. Even more, I felt oddly invigorated, as if I'd taken a full body shower, instead of just running water and a soapy sponge over my feet.

I like grubbing in dirt. I like being outdoors. I need to remember this come spring, when I get too lazy to think about starting a garden.

Posted by Lisa at September 13, 2004 10:12 PM
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