February 26, 1999

A Brief Note From California

Well, one crappy thing about the time difference is that as far as I'm concerned, it's nearly two in the afternoon, so I'm awake. Not quite so with my compatriot here. Ah well, gives me a chance to jot some thoughts down to post when I get home.

The flight in last night was absolutely packed. I would like to thank Northwest Airlines for once again making me feel more like cattle than human. No, I'll stop complaining. They got me here safely and fairly cheaply, even if it wasn't in the lap of luxury. Actually, it was almost in the lap of some poor University of Michigan student on her way to see her boyfriend. Damn, but those seats are small. However, I slept most of the way in, despite my nerves - they cooperated rather well.

Meeting Brand was about what I expected really, deep in my heart of hearts. Once the initial 'I can't believe I'm really here!' syndrome wore off, things clicked into place quite naturally. We both, apparently, really are who we had led each other to believe we are. So take that, all you Internet critics! Two (mostly) normal, (mostly) sane (mostly) adults can meet online and then in real life and find that their friendship is (mostly) the same. We even recognized each other right away in the airport. So there!

Pardon me, I see movement, and therefore, must go pounce.

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February 25, 1999

California Dreamin' (On Such a Winter's Day)

And the countdown continues...

By my count, if all goes well, it's 10 and a half hours until I meet Brand for the first time. Oh my. I shouldn't have said that. Actually, I didn't start to get nervous until I was online with him last night, and I realized that was probably the last time I would speak to him before meeting him. And then I got butterflies in my stomach when he grinned and said, "22 more hours!" He was being all cool about it, like he's not nervous too, but I know better. Well, then again, he did say he probably wouldn't get nervous until today. Me, I'm more hyper than anything. Of course... all the caffeine I've had today probably isn't helping. Hee.

And.. it snowed last night. We've got a good four inches on the ground now. I keep getting glares from coworkers when I start bouncing about going to California tonight. Can't imagine why... just because I'm leaving this snow-covered wasteland for sunny southern California... heh. Susan seems particularly irritated, surprise. She grumbles for me to shut up everytime I get bouncy. Whee! Just checked the Weather Channel website. 59 and sunny in LA currently. I honestly tried not to gloat, really. I promise. But they did ask...

So, getting my mind off California... I've been playing on a new MUSH lately, a great little place. I just finished up an application for a new character. The MUSH is a historical one, set in the 1700s. Joanna and her past lives have been floating around in my mind for quite some time now, so I applied for a selkie character, one of her ancestors. I'm very proud of the background story I wrote. I may have to post it here on my site as a companion to Joanna's story, which I still plan to revise. Someday. Le sigh. I need more discipline when it comes to writing. I enjoy it, when I manage to sit down and make myself do it. Funny... I have all these plans, and they all seem to hinge on getting a better computer and cleaning up my room. Oh. And a better computer desk too. Having a real workstation of sorts will solve all of my problems. Yes it will. And once that's done, I can see about constructing an altar of sorts. Which, of course, will resolve all of my spiritual questions as well. Okay! Three steps to solving absolutely everything in Lisa's life:

  1. Clean up my room. (This should actually be items 1-50, I think)
  2. Set up a real workstation, complete with new computer and desk.
  3. Set up an altar to... whatever.

Once this is done, everything else will fall into place. I'm certain of it.

Nine hours now until I arrive in Los Angeles. Oh my. Well. I'll make a point of posting a report here after I get back on Monday.

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February 23, 1999

Son of the Return of the Curse of Detroit Edison, Part II!

Power outage - take two! Of course, we've had one or two since the last one I wrote about. They're fairly common here, I'm not sure why. So no computer, the phones are quiet... what else is there for me to do but write? Not that that's a bad thing, mind you. I get too distracted from my writing at times - usually by MUSHing. That's a huge distraction for me, and I'm aware of it. I just haven't gotten around to resolving it yet.

Oh wow. The power just came back on. damn, that's a record for shortest power outage ever here. I guess that means sooner or later I'm going to have to get back to work for real, but I want to finish this first.

Of course, the big event in Lisa's mind right now is The Trip to California in two days to meet Brand. I am not quite a nervous wreck. I'm really anxious, and really excited, but not nervous. Not yet. Nervous is being reserved for that time span from the time the plane lands at LAX until sometime after we've gotten out of the airport and have had some time to talk a little bit. I keep playing that initial meeting over and over in head, like I always do. Mentally rehearsing. Trying out different scenarios. Every time I've met someone from online, it's what I've done. I do it for lots of important events, I guess we all do... don't we?

A little movie inside my head:

Setting: LAX, at one of the gates.

Time: A Thursday evening, not too late, not too early.

Cast: Your intrepid traveling journaller, receptionist and layabout, and Brand - grad student and online personality extraordinaire.

From there, the scene unfolds in any number of ways. We're quiet and awkward. We hit it off right away. I'm not what he thought. He's not what I thought. I'm a geek. He's a geek. Everything goes swimmingly and neither one of us can shut up. I hug him. I don't hug him. A band of ragged children with sharp teeth and wearing red caps descend and drag one of us away - wait. Wrong head movie. Oops. Sorry. But you get the idea. Lots of rehearsing going on internally. And looking at my clock, it's about 57 and a half hours until curtain. Oh my. California here I come!

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