December 28, 1999

Rude Awakening

Oh god. The horrifying onslaught. It's too soon, too soon, I tell you! I wasn't prepared, not mentally, not physically, not emotionally!

Tax Season.

It's begun. That means nothing to most of you, I'm certain. But to one who works in an accounting software company, a company whose main product line is a series of tax preparation software, and when one works in the technical support department of said company, well.... you can understand why those two words ("tax season" *shudder!*) bring a chill to the heart and a glaze to the eye.

Tax Season = Open Season... on receptionists.

Or to sum it up simplest of all: it's been a hellish day. Three staff members down (out of seven) and twice the call volume we usually get. Normally the support department takes 800-1000 calls a day. Today, as of 2:30, we'd taken over 1200 calls. And that doesn't count customer service, which was equally busy. I really didn't talk to 2400 people today, but it sure feels like it. And it feels like all of them were cranky. Like the caller who kept asking if Jesus worked here. Well, okay. No he didn't. He just kept muttering, "Jesus Christ." I was reminded of this past Good Friday when Jo had a similar caller, and responded, "No, He's not in right now, but we expect Him back on Sunday." Things like that are the reason I miss Jo.

I think the Idiot of the Day Award goes to the accountant I spoke to who was frantically trying to order software for his clients (a program similar to Quicken, only the data flows into the accountant's accounting programs as well), explaining, "I have to have it by Friday! They're not Year 2000 compliant!" I resisted to urge to just go, "Dude. You're fucked." Of course, the next thought was, "Dude, it's December 28th. What have you been doing ?" The word 'dude' crossed my mind a lot today. It's a sure sign of mental deterioration.

My plans for the evening are simple ones. A trip to Oasis Gardens, the local hot tub place, then home to relax as much as humanly possible.

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