December 27, 2000

I got this in my

I got this in my email tonight from my good buddy "" with the subject line "extreem":

Is your Penis to Small??

Are you tired of not having enough inches to please your lady friends?

Our Proven guaranteed method will give you the extra inches you need..

Gain an inch by new years! GUARANTEED! All results GUARANTEED!

Check it out free today!!!

Give yourself a christmas present that just keeps giving.

Um. How likely is it that is a guy? At least they spelled "guaranteed" right. I'm tempted to respond with, "Yeah, my penis is so small I haven't seen it in over two years!" ;)

(Sorry, Mom.)

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December 26, 2000

From the OOC Room at

From the OOC Room at Something Wicked This Way Comes:

Rodney wanted to make a Godzilla-ish beastie once. He had a magic bag full of little chimerical Japanese people who'd run around screaming when you tossed them on the ground.
<cut unrelated comments about mutant seals mating with Volvos>
Samantha reads "little chimerical Japanese people" again, and gets the giggles badly.
<more unrelated comments about other beastie variants>
Rodney oohs. Godzilla-ish beastie with high pyretics. He can rain searing blasts of nuclear hatred upon his minute chimerical victims.
Rodney is the antichrist, but he's my hero. But damn him, now I've got the mental image of three inch tall Japanese people running and shrieking "Gojira!" stuck in my head.

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Curse you, The Avenue! Is

Curse you, The Avenue! Is it not enough, that I wander into your store, eager to spend Christmas money to buy a new coat, only to find that you're sold out of EVERYTHING in my size? Oh no, no. You would think that a store that specializes in "women's sizes" would have aisles large enough for a "woman-sized" woman to get her "woman-sized" ass through, wouldn't you? No. Of course not. Let's cram all the clothes so tight together on racks that I look like a rhino crossing the grasslands as I go through the store. You can chart my progress by watching the waving of clearance-marked knit tops and leather pants. This, THIS is why I hate going shopping. It pisses me off.

The Avenue. Nothing Should Stop You. ®

Except our tiny little 6 inch aisles that clearly say, "Your size 32 ass is not welcome here." Feh.

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Happy birthday to you, happy

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Jason-Whose-Web-Address-I-Can't-Find-To-Link-To, happy birthday to you! (Oh wait, I found it. Here it is.)

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December 24, 2000

It's nearly 11 pm on

It's nearly 11 pm on Christmas Eve, and here I sit, drinking eggnog and thinking of dear friends. Not a bad evening really, all things considered -- mom and I watched "It's a Wonderful Life", then I watched part of "A Christmas Story" before deciding it was time to turn in.

I have so many blessings this Christmas. If you're reading this, then you're probably one of them.

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December 22, 2000

No such luck. I got

No such luck. I got the short straw. Again. Every damn year. Did I mention that when I first started here, those with the most seniority left early? Then bam, the first year I had seniority they changed it and drew names instead. And every year since, I end up staying late. Feh.

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I just got an internal

I just got an internal email that simply said, "ok... who took my shoes?" Things are quiet here today. Quiet and punchy. I'm hoping to get to leave early.

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Oooooh, I shouldn't even give

Oooooh, I shouldn't even give a link to this site, but it makes me so mad!

News of this most recent health condition have focused attention on the possibility that most if not all of Santa's health problems, ranging from hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, and possibly sleep apnea, can be traced back to obesity, a condition affecting about one out of two Americans today.

This raises a controversial question : Should Santa lose weight?

Go there. Vote no and tell the folks who run the site that their 'suggestions' are medically unsound and will cost people their lives in the long run. Give Santa bariatric surgery, my ass.

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December 20, 2000

As promised, the new entry

As promised, the new entry is up.

This morning I was watching the Today show before work, and a choir was on singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Sure enough, there went two tears down my cheeks. Granted, it was a lovely choral arrangement, but why on earth would figgy pudding make me cry?
Also, as an additional treat, here's an extra picture I couldn't quite fit into the entry itself. The company I work for is right next to a hot-air balloon company. Periodically they test their balloons in the field next to our office. I always said the folks at AOL were full of hot air...

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More horoscope zanyness. Here's today's:Listen

More horoscope zanyness. Here's today's:

Listen closely to those around you today, Cancer. A family member's casual remark redefines a long standing habit as an integral part of your creative process. You may experience a deep release of feelings that will send you on your way to bigger and better things. This is a good time for role-playing games. Pretending that you are someone else may help you see who you truly are. Allow yourself to let go. Take a childish delight in having fun. Ordinary things seem extraordinary when you take the time to contemplate them. Common tap water tastes especially good today.
See? I have to play roleplaying games! It's in the stars! Also, there's an entry coming later today. I want to wait until I can add some pictures I took today, which I'll do at home. It, ironically, deals with that release of feelings and ordinary things being extraordinary.

I don't get the thing about tap water though. Huh?

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Yet Another Christmas Entry

This holiday spirit thing seems to be going quite far enough already. Every single Christmas song I hear lately is making me cry. It's happy crying, but still. Well, mostly happy crying. Just sort of... over-emotional crying. This morning I was watching the Today show before work, and a choir was on singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas". Sure enough, there went two tears down my cheeks. Granted, it was a lovely choral arrangement, but why on earth would figgy pudding make me cry? Even Max was looking at me strangely.

Then driving to work, I heard a version of "Silent Night" by the Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan. Same thing. My emotions are all so very close to the surface right now. Not in a needy "here I am, love me!" sort of way, but in an alive, aware sort of way. I feel like my senses are nearly as heightened as my emotions are, stretching out beyond the boundaries of me to really experience the world outside.

There is so much beauty in the world. That sounds so trite, but I feel like I'm seeing it all for the first time -- which sounds even more trite. Ever notice how hard it is to put happy feelings into words? I can describe sadness. I can detail the fall of each tear, each pang of hurt, but the sight of a winter sunrise as I'm getting ready to leave for work leaves me wordless and fumbling. I've been taking pictures like mad, hoping to hold on to and recreate the sense of joy I feel from day to day right now.

This sort of quiet happiness scares me. Giddiness, hyper running-around-yelling-"YIPPEE!" sort of happiness doesn't scare me. It's the emotional equivalent of a sugar high. You know it can't last, so you revel in it while it's around then let it go with the usual slump afterwards. This quiet, content joy... it could last. It's not an energy-draining sort of thing. Quite the opposite. Everything feels energized, renewed. And when it goes, it drains away, like a slow loss of blood. You don't feel it until you're left tired and lifeless and trying to figure out what happened. So I guess, actually, the first sentence of this paragraph isn't true. The happiness itself doesn't scare me; losing it does.

I suppose that could be where the odd mix of emotions comes in. At times this is a tentative joy. I feel like I'm walking on the surface of a lake, uncertain just how strong the ice beneath my feet is.

Let me interject at this point: I've suddenly stopped and gotten really amused at the way this journal entry is going. "Hey, I'm really happy! Isn't that cool? It won't last though." That's so wrong. Let me leave it at this: I'm happy. I'm energized. I'm incredibly emotional about this holiday season, and I think that's a great thing. I'm going to try and quit predicting emotional disaster for myself.

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December 19, 2000

Just for kicks, I get

Just for kicks, I get my horoscope delivered daily by email. here's today's:

You could find yourself back on familiar turf today, revisiting some old territory of relationship weirdness. There are limits to what you will tolerate, and the time may have come to deal with an ongoing problem. The source may not be immediately apparent, but this may just be a case of familiarity breeding contempt. Start with a sense of order and look for the ripples. The longer you postpone an unwelcome issue, the bigger it will become. Honesty is your best bet, no matter how painful the investment. You can fix what has been broken if you're prepared to put in a lot of hard work.
I'm back on familiar turf with definite relationship weirdness, but not just today. It's been building for about a week or so. I think I needed some time away from the problem, but now I'm wondering if it really does need to be talked about again. I don't think so. There comes a point where talking becomes useless.

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December 18, 2000

Well, the notify list isn't

Well, the notify list isn't working. Tech support for Liquidweb tells me they're working on the problem. You'll know something when I do.

In other news, it was one degree above zero when I tried to leave for work today. "Tried" being the operative word. When I tried to go start my car I discovered that both doors and my trunk were frozen shut. In nearly 25 years of living in Michigan, this has never happened to me. I didn't know what to do.

What does Lisa do when she doesn't know what to do? Why, she looks on the internet! Sure enough, I found two possible ways of getting into my car (well, three if you count busting in the window). The first suggested filling a bottle with hot water and holding it against the door panel. So I tried that. No dice. So I gave in and snagged one of my stepfather's outdoor extension cords and my mom's hair dryer. I kept the hair dryer cord away from anything wet as I used the dryer on the door. Finally, at about 8:45, I managed to get my door open. I felt very resourceful.

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December 17, 2000

Where the Weekend Went

Wow. What a weekend. This is probably the best Sunday night I can remember in a very long time. Usually Sunday nights are really rough for me. If, true to my old form, I spent most of both days either in bed or on the computer, come Sunday night I always felt like "Where'd the weekend go?" Then I'd feel really depressed about having to go back to work the next day.

This weekend? Well, here's a rundown of where the weekend went:

Saturday morning I woke up around nine or so, and after relaxing for a while, went and cleared the very last of my belongings out of the old apartment, went grocery shopping, and got my hair cut. Oh, and I rented several movies. When I woke up, I had the oddest urge to bake. I love to bake, but I haven't seriously done any in... wow. The last time I can remember baking something from scratch was Thanksgiving 1997, when I hosted dinner. So while I was at the grocery store, I got the makings for a couple different kinds of cookies. When I got home, I baked shortbread, then started watching Gladiator. Better than I was expecting -- I cried at the end. After dinner I watched X-Men (I wanna own it, damn it!), then went to bed around midnight.

Christmas tree Today was a very Christmas-y day. I was planning to bake the rest of my cookies and watch The English Patient, maybe spend the rest of the day curled up in bed reading. Mom surprised me by pulling out my Christmas tree, since hers was buried in the attic. We put it up, but all the decorations were in the attic, so I started making cookies. And brother, did I make cookies. By the time the (flour) dust settled, I had probably about 10 dozen of four different kinds of cookies. Once I finished that, the decorations had magically appeared from the attic, so mom and I decorated the tree and the rest of the house.

That was wonderful. The last time my mom and I decorated for Christmas together was probably back when I was in high school. It somehow felt very right to be using my tree and her decorations, a symbol of the way two households have merged once more. We listened to Christmas music while we put everything up -- running my stepfather out of the room in the process. Actually, I think he left because he wanted to go play on the computer. Several times I caught myself about to cry. Happy crying, though. When I wasn't feeling weepy, I was giggling madly at several things. Poor Max, I think he saw all the boxes and bags of Christmas decorations and got worried that we were about to move again. He started following me around and meowing pitifully. However, one bag of artificial evergreen garlands in particular seemed to catch his attention, so he decided to try and take a nap on it:

The cat's out of the bag

Only one thing made me feel sad this weekend, and that was remembering last year's entry, linked below. I was feeling decidedly Scrooge-y one year ago today. I'm glad I had today to balance that out. I'm definitely ready for Christmas this year.

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Heh. Here is the story

Heh. Here is the story of Curious George W. Funny stuff for first thing in the morning.

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December 16, 2000

Plans for this weekend? Hrm.

Plans for this weekend? Hrm. Well, my errands are all done, so I'm planning to bake some cookies tonight or tomorrow (shortbread and toffee chocolate chip bars), and watch the movies I rented (Gladiator, X-Men, and The English Patient). Other than that, sleep. Maybe call a couple friends. It sounds heavenly.

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December 15, 2000

You May Still Be Lonely, But You're Not Alone

I think I almost made my mom cry last night. We were sitting in the living room, just talking about our respective days. With the weather being as bad as it's been the past few nights, I usually call home if I'm going to be late. Last night I was late, not because the roads were bad, but because I was hanging around at work talking to a few coworkers. So I mentioned, "Well, I almost called but decided I didn't really need to..." Mom agreed, saying that since the roads were clear she wasn't worried. I stopped and said, "You know, it's kind of nice to have someone around to worry if I'm going to be late. It's nice to come home to a house that isn't empty." Her eyes got a little wider and a little shinier, and she got quiet for a few minutes.

I don't know, I think it was because she felt bad for the time I lived alone. I know it bothers her sometimes, and she worries about the usual things moms worry about -- as she puts it, "I just want to see you settled down." I think part of "settled down" means being married again and having kids, but having watched me go through one divorce, my mom is definitely not pushing marriage at me for marriage's sake. But she worries.

At the risk of sounding sadistic, that feels really good sometimes. It means that I'm loved. It's not that I don't know that, and it's not like there's nobody else in the world that loves me besides my mother. What I'm starting to realize, though, is how very disconnected and detached I was getting from the world as a whole, living alone. I think I first realized it when I saw Rent last month. Part of the reason I was so excited about it was that I felt very much part of a community during the show and afterwards, when I started emailing different people who follow the tour around. I felt silly admitting that, but it was true.

Once I admitted that lack, that feeling of being detached, I started to see it in other aspects of my life. Living alone, there were times when I could go days and days at a time without ever speaking a truly personal word to anyone. All of my personal communication took place online. I'm forced to admit, as much of a 'net junkie as I am, it's just not the same. Moving in with my folks has been good for me in that respect. By spending more time around people at home, I'm finding that I'm more talkative with my coworkers, so I'm getting more involved in what's going on around here.

I'm getting... well... I'm just getting more involved in life in general. I hadn't realized how deeply self-involved I'd become -- and not in a good way. I'd become so focused on my inner landscape and the little area around my computer desk that I sort of forgot there was a whole world out there. I forgot that regular contact with real human beings, real contact, not just like a cashier at a store or a gas station, is a good thing. That it's something I need, just like everyone else.

In other words, I'd become a hermit. And in all honesty, I wasn't very happy that way. Did I mention it's been a very good two weeks so far?

(For the curious, the title is a reference to one of my most favorite Tom Smith songs ever, "PQR".)

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I didn't have to clean

I didn't have to clean off my car this morning. This made me outrageously happy. I'm really really hoping to have time for an entry today. I've been training a new receptionist all week, and have hardly had time to write anything. Training ends today, I think. I hope.

I've had entirely too many moments of "Oh damn! I wish I had my camera!" lately. For all the trouble the snow caused, things are absolutely beautiful here now. I'll try to start carrying the camera around with me.

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December 13, 2000

Why crack should not be

Why crack should not be allowed in the workplace:

Purity ahs, "Nothing says Home Cooking quite like soup in a styrofoam cup. Just add water, and presto -- its like Mom's kitchen." Oh, wait...
Fate giggles.
Fate says "Instant Lunch, yummy!"
Purity says "And I'm all for instant. Because instant means my lazy ass works less."
Fate says "Amen, sister Laura."
Purity cackles.
Fate says "There's a /reason/ I have a work drawer full of ramen noodles and instant oatmeal. ;)"
Purity raises her hands into the air as she feels the spirit move her, "Say it again, Sistah Lisa!"
Fate says "I say, I say, I say /microwave/, sistah! I have /seeeeeeeen/ the glory of God, and it is held in the cellophane wrapping of Maruchan Instant Lunch!"
An oldie but a goodie from the staff room of the Tribe 8 MU*. Laura is keen. She makes me giggle.

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Heh heh. Let me revel

Heh heh. Let me revel in my geekness for a moment. We have a bunch of printer issues with the networks here at work. IS told us they were "too busy" to deal with us, so I started troubleshooting the other receptionists' computers myself. Finally around 2 IS showed up. The IS guy stood behind me as I reinstalled a printer and said rather smarmily, "And what are we doing here?"

I glanced up and replied calmly, "Well, troubleshooting didn't turn up anything, and I'm not showing a problem with the network so I'm reinstalling the printer to see if that solves the problem." (It did, for what it's worth.)

He blinked, unused to a receptionist who's vaguely computer/network literate. "Oh. Okay." He announced to the department, "You guys don't need me up here, just talk to her."

Which wasn't true, but damn that felt good. Don't patronize me. I will smack you down.

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December 12, 2000

In case you were wondering...A

In case you were wondering...

Here's why I didn't go to work today

A graphic representation of why I didn't go to work today. We are, however, almost completely dug out -- thanks to a passing snowplow -- and life will resume as normal tomorrow.

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They're calling it Blizzard 2000

They're calling it Blizzard 2000 on the news here. I'll post some pictures later. There's a drift behind my car that's about five feet tall. So, Mom and I are at home today. I think I'll survive, really. I've got hot chocolate and videos and the computer. I sort of like days like this. I keep thinking of things I should be doing rather than relaxing, then I stop and realize that I can't do any of them.

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December 10, 2000

Jury duty tomorrow, so I'm

Jury duty tomorrow, so I'm off to bed early, in preparation for dealing with all of that bureaucracy. I'm hoping it will be an interesting process, or at the very least, that I'll get a decent journal entry out of it.

In other news, I'm a bad evil person. I did absolutely no writing this weekend. I did, however, get my stuff completely unpacked. And I watched far too much bad TV. I knew I was in trouble when I found myself riveted to E! True Hollywood Story and a Lifetime Original movie. Man. Three years away from cable, I'm like a caveman seeing fire for the first time or something. I sit there staring with my jaw gaping like a hooked fish. This is not a good thing. I hope it's a passing fad.

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December 09, 2000

Photos Galore

Yes, it's the all photo journal entry! I haven't done one of these in a while, and I finally found the cord to hook up my digital camera to the computer today. So, first up, a few pictures from Thanksgiving. First up is a picture of my grandma and my Aunt Vera. Behind them is the rest of the house. You can get a decent idea of where I live now.

Grandma and Aunt Vera

Next is a picture of my Uncle Elmer -- yes that's really his name, and yes, we're a family of hicks. Gotta problem with that? Elmer was always my favorite uncle growing up.


This is the view I have every single day now. The living room overlooks the lake. As a matter of fact, the lake is about ten feet from the back door. I absolutely adore it. At the moment, the lake is frozen over and covered with snow. It's beautiful.

The view from the living room

And now, my favorite part of today's entry. I got Max groomed yesterday. Frankly, since he got lost in June, his fur's been a mess. It was just too matted for him to really groom it himself. So, he got what's called a 'lion cut', and is basically starting from scratch. I can't decide if he looks silly or cute.


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December 08, 2000

Heh. I have jury duty

Heh. I have jury duty on Monday. This could be cool.

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No More Salsa at Bedtime!

Something in the air in my parents' house promotes productivity. I'm not sure what it is, but I've been quite industrious this past week. At work I've been completely on the ball, rather than the Little Miss Slacker I usually tend to be. My room is neat. My writing, despite a short block at the beginning of the week, has been fast and furious -- and good. Well, at least I think so. I'd probably have finished at least one project this week were it not for the fact that my computer setup at home leaves much to be desired, particularly in terms of comfort. (Translation: there isn't any. Comfort, that is.) Working on improving that though. Currently I'm working on two short stories and what threatens to be a novel, as well as potentially working on another Tribe 8 book shortly.

My sleep schedule is completely normal. No, not normal for me, normal for most people. I'm eating healthier than I have in months. (Vegetables! I have vegetables every day now!) Throw all this together, and it's not that surprising to learn that my mood and energy have been great for the past week. I'm busy and I'm happy, well-rested, well-fed, and relaxed.

Perhaps that's why the series of dreams I had last night threw me so badly.

They seemed unconnected at first. My first dream was about Max. I've been really worried about how he would react to the move, and how certain behavioral problems he was having might manifest after the move. In other words, I dreamed that he quit using his litter box and was making messes all over the house. Much chaos and stress ensued.

The next dream was a bit odder and less based in real day to day life. I forget exactly how the dream got started, but I essentially got back together with Hollingsworth. We talked a little, clearing up some of the badness from when we broke up. Then things verged more towards an erotic dream -- I'll spare the details. It was an extremely emotional dream. When we got back together, it was full of feelings of having really missed him, and being glad that we were back together. However, added into all that was a sense of worry, wondering how I was going to explain to family and friends that we'd resolved our differences -- because things got really ugly there at the end. The hardest part was, when I woke up, those feelings remained, particularly the happiness... until I realized it had been a dream.

Turning both dreams over in my head this morning, I think they were both at least partly guilt dreams. Guilt over disrupting Max's life so much, as well as, if I'm being honest, over disrupting my parents' life as well. The dream about Hollingsworth was a little more complex. With things ending as acrimoniously as they did, it's hard for me not to feel guilty, even though I understand why I did what I did. I want things to be okay between us, and I think that's what's behind the dream I had. The desire for reconciliation is a real thing, just not necessarily quite that level of reconciliation. Although, I have to be honest, I think there was also a good bit of grief in that dream as well. I miss the good things about that relationship. I miss having him as a close friend.

I'm wondering why, now that life seems to be settling down, all this is cropping up. Then again, perhaps that's why right there: life is settling down, so my subconscious feels free to dig up older issues and try to process them. And of course, I always seem to have some free-floating, unnecessary guilt around somewhere. Either way, I'm thinking about emailing Hollingsworth and trying to clear the air a little, even a year later. And I'm definitely going to hug my cat when I get home.

Other ideas? Interpretations? Email me.

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December 07, 2000

Hee. I like Guppy. Guppy

Hee. I like Guppy. Guppy is good. Guppy makes fun of stupid MUSHers by posting their stupidity for the world to see. You should go read Guppy, a.k.a. Roxy, as below:

Kitiara says "Oh I compleatly agree that there would be such but it can be helped alot by posture and having a toned back. At least at Dcup (: Oh no, Kit has 5 dex. But then agen, shifters break physics constantly. Its shifter magic (:"
Roxy says "Magic shifter breasts."
Kitiara says "A bulit is unsoakable by the human body, just goes right in and you get messed up... Garou in homid, oww bounced off my tummy. (:"
Roxy says "Honestly, I think you're really off-base with the breast thing. Supernatural or not... you ought to have the back pains from hell."
Hee. Magic shifter breasts. Not only is "Kitiara" nigh-illiterate, Kitiara is someone who has clearly never had breasts. Ever. My guess is the player is an adolescent male.

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December 06, 2000

In keeping with the spirit

In keeping with the spirit of my entry, I came across Liz's Christmas Purity Test. My score was a 55. Also, go check out her journal, Reflections in the Dragon's Eye

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Holiday Spirit

Don't hate me, but I've finished my Christmas shopping. I can't quite believe it either. Last year, I bought my family's gifts on December 24th, and wrapped them in my car on the way to the family gathering. It was pretty pathetic. I never ever want to do that again. Of course, I was quite the Scrooge last year too. I was heard to say "Bah, humbug!" many times. I'm surprised Jacob Marley didn't show up at the trailer.

In short, I didn't get into the Christmas spirit at all until Christmas Eve. It upset me. After last year's pretty miserable Thanksgiving, I was afraid the family wouldn't want to celebrate Christmas at all. We did, but it was remarkably subdued. I have higher hopes for this year.

For one thing, I'm no longer suffering from the loneliness of my nine months of self-imposed exile to Romulus (which is about half an hour's drive from anything I care about). Don't get me wrong. I needed that time. It was a very very good thing for me, but it was very lonely at times. I learned that I can, in fact, survive loneliness. I learned a lot about emotional self-sufficiency, which was exactly what I needed.

Financially speaking, I'm in much better shape -- yes, due in a large part to last week's move. Being poor is rotten no matter what time of year, but it's thousands of times worse around Christmas time. That was part of the reason I put off last year's Christmas shopping. Not that I'm precisely Miss Moneybags this year, but it was nice to be able to actually do Christmas shopping. It was especially nice, as I did all of my Christmas shopping online this year. Hooray for the internet!

And, believe it or not, the media blitz that always comes up around Christmas time also helps. Last year I kept complaining that it didn't feel like Christmas at all, and that's partly because I was so cut off from most of the media, other than the internet. Not that that's a bad thing, of course, but it's easier to feel Christmas-y if you're always seeing commercials about Christmas type things. Plus I got to watch part of "It's a Wonderful Life" on Thanksgiving.

And the office is even decorated. Next thing you know, I'll be listening to Christmas music. Now that I think about it, I did get some Christmas CDs last year, hrm...

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December 05, 2000

I have a phone line!

I have a phone line! Yay! Unfortunately, I also seem to have hit a dry patch with my writing. I really want to write -- I've got about three really good stories going right now -- I just don't have the energy yet. Still recuperating from moving and getting used to the new place, I think.

I cooked dinner for everybody tonight. Chicken alfredo with mushrooms and green peppers. It was marvelous and I was quite proud of myself. :) Minor problems with Max getting adjusted, but other than that, things are great. I've gotten sucked into watching "Dune" on the Sci-Fi Channel and reading Such a Pretty Face. I recommend both, for kitsch value if nothing else. I have some thoughts on "Dune", I may write them up at some point here soon.

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December 04, 2000

I'm alive! Max and I

I'm alive! Max and I both came through the move relatively unscathed, although I think Max was more scathed than me, poor guy. However, we're both pretty darn happy with the new living arrangement. Max discovered the joys of lake-watching (the house is right on a gorgeous lake) and I've rediscovered how nice it is to have other people around.

Yes, I know. This is what we call the honeymoon phase. I'm still feeling good about this overall though.

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