October 30, 2001

I know. The journal is

I know. The journal is insanely neglected. And... it will continue to be insanely neglected, at least until December. Yes, it's true. November is hiatus month around here. I'll probably be making small blog posts through the month, but there'll be much more activity over at La Vie Boheme, as that's where I'll be posting my progress on my NaNoWriMo project.

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October 24, 2001

Well, I ended up getting

Well, I ended up getting a collapsible keyboard for my Palm in preparation for NaNoWriMo, and am I ever glad I did! Remember the bit about the two papers I have due on Saturday? Well, I was going to write one of them last night. However, our power went out here at about 6:30 pm and stayed off until after I went to bed. BUT, I ended up just pulling out my Palm and keyboard and writing one paper on that. That was pretty nifty. :) I also ended up studying for my history midterm today by flashlight. That was not so nifty.

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October 22, 2001

Even in the middle of

Even in the middle of disaster, life goes on.

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Whee, what a week I

Whee, what a week I have in front of me! In addition to a midterm on Wednesday, I have two essays due on Saturday, and one presentation on Saturday. In the meantime, I'm going to see They Might Be Giants on Tuesday, pianist Evgeny Kissin on Wednesday (yes, the same night as my history midterm), and a production of Tartuffe on Friday.

And next week? Next week is the beginning. November 1st.

Life at breakneck speed. I could get used to this.

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October 21, 2001

Oy. I'm sitting at home.

Oy. I'm sitting at home. It's Sunday afternoon. I have no immediate, within-the-next-two-days pressing deadlines. I haven't played The Sims in weeks and weeks. I should work on my midterm essays and study for my test. But... my Sims... surely they must miss me!


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October 18, 2001

Well, I survived my first

Well, I survived my first day on the phones yesterday, and even quite enjoyed it! We'll see how day #2 goes, in just a few minutes.... ;)

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October 16, 2001

My test just came back.

My test just came back. 98%! I am now officially a technical support rep. I start taking calls tomorrow morning. Woohoo!

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Well, today was the certification

Well, today was the certification test at work, the culmination of six weeks of training. If all went well, then tomorrow I start taking support calls. So I get to spend the rest of the afternoon waiting to find out how I did. Grar!

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October 12, 2001

Well, time for my weekly

Well, time for my weekly short update, huh? :P Still training at work, still buried at school (and midterms are about two weeks away!), still occasionally dating and being completely puzzled by it.

And in other news, my Tribe 8 game foundered and is going to be replaced by 7th Sea -- provided I can get something together for it.

And oh yeah. I'm toying with the idea of writing a novel in November.

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October 05, 2001

Adrift on the River of

Adrift on the River of Dream is finally out! It feels like we wrote it sometime back during the Stone Age, I swear. What a lovely cover. I'm psyched to see this one. :)

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October 03, 2001

Changing Seasons

I'm not sure what to make of my life just lately. I talked a little bit about the new organizational stuff I've got going on, but that's not all that's changed.

I started dating again. Scary, huh? Well, I placed a personal ad, and answered a few, and last Saturday I went out with a very nice guy named Mark. After some shyness, we had a good time. In fact, we're going out again tomorrow night. We seem to have a great deal in common (he's a gamer! Yay!), including the aforementioned shyness.

I have never done this before. Ever. All of my relationships have usually started as friendship (online or otherwise), and then jumped to romantic. I've never done this dating someone you don't really know thing. I honestly don't know how to act, I swear. I mean, at what point does "going out" become dating? Or whatever terms you want to use. When does dating become a relationship? How do I know what he's thinking? Argh! I mean, I'm used to knowing someone well enough that I can just ask, "Hey, what do you think about this?" I dunno. Maybe the point is to wait until I know him well enough to ask that. For now I'm just going to try and keep my cool and not blow anything out of proportion.

I mean, how do you explain to someone that you've been married, but you've never dated?

Away from my social life, my work life has changed so dramatically, I'm not certain I can find the words for it. I hardly have a minute to spare during the day now, where before I literally wrote books (not to mention journal entries!) while on the job. The weird thing is, I like it. My days go by so fast now. I also already wrote a little about the respect I'm getting now, but I still can't get over it. And I can't get over how good I think I'm going to be at this job. Seriously. While I always suspected it, each day's training that passes confirms that I have a real knack for troubleshooting. My fellow trainees (both of whom have CIS degrees) are starting to come to me for help on stuff. Talk about an ego boost!

The only problem is that I've been getting very tired lately. Sunday is my only day off, and I usually spend most of it asleep. I'm starting to wonder if I should drop my history class, but the stubborn part of me doesn't want to give in on that one.

It occurs to me that I shouldn't be surprised how much everything is changing. It's October, after all. Things always change for me in October. Things change in October, and I get discontented with things in May. Is it any surprise those are the two months I am most likely to get depressed in? But not this month. I refuse. These are all GOOD changes. I'm... dare I say it?... growing up again. I seem to do it in spurts, have you noticed?

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October 02, 2001

Sen. Thurmond Collapses in Senate

Sen. Thurmond Collapses in Senate -- The man is 98 years old. Does that boggle anyone else as much as it does me?

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