November 28, 2001

Okay, I'm a little giddy:Fate

Okay, I'm a little giddy:

Fate emails everybody she knows.
Fate emails her third grade teacher.
Fate emails her ex-husband.
Fate emails that guy she sat next to in gym in seventh grade.
Fate emails the president.
Fate emails the Pope. (Does the pope get email?)
Ruth says "He's: johnny@vatican.rlg"
Fate cools, and emails him!
I should really go to sleep soon.

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About fifteen minutes ago my

About fifteen minutes ago my word count for my novel reached 50,020. The story is complete in my head, and within another week or so, will be complete on paper, in a first draft form. I DID IT! I am a novelist, baby!

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November 26, 2001

Things I learned this weekend:It

Things I learned this weekend:

  1. It is possible to write two-thirds of a novel before knowing how it is going to end.
  2. 6 gaming adults + 1 non-gaming adult + 5 children under the age of 5 = Not a lot of gaming going on
  3. Children under the age of five are symbiotes. They feed off one another. (Corollary: If one is hyper, all five are hyper.)
  4. Thou shalt not game after 8pm if there are five children under the age of five present.
  5. It's really funny when the paladin says "fuck".
  6. Especially if he says it in front of his 22 month-old son.
  7. The paladin's wife, however, will not be amused.
  8. There is such a thing as too many mashed potatoes.
  9. There's not always room for Jello.
So how was your weekend?

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November 25, 2001

As of today, I have

As of today, I have written 40,000 words on my novel. The end is in sight, both in terms of word count and plot line. I am all kinds of ecstatic. As soon as the novel is finished (or at least after I hit 50,000), I'm planning a recap journal entry, both of the month and of my NaNoWriMo experience. I think it wouldn't be overstating, at this point, to say this has been life-changing. Now I am not only a writer, I am a novelist, damn it.

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November 14, 2001

Quick! Today only, I'm the

Quick! Today only, I'm the Wrimo of the Day! Hurry! Or if you're visiting after the 14th, go here and look up November 14th.

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November 12, 2001

Tonight I crossed the 20,000

Tonight I crossed the 20,000 word mark of the novel. I am loving this. If I could just get a little more sleep at night, I'd be golden.

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Shades of September 11th --

Shades of September 11th -- a plane crashed in Queens this morning. I'm sitting here, unable to get to a newssite, and relying on what customers tell me over the phone and what I overhear from coworkers. I feel sick to my stomach again. I don't know if this is related to the war or not, but I have to wonder, are we ever going to be able to hear about a plane crash again and not immediately wonder if it was a deliberate act?

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November 11, 2001

More on the NaNoWriMo phenomenon...Florinda

More on the NaNoWriMo phenomenon...

Florinda says "How do we go about getting our current count posted?"
Paige says "It's right off the main nanowrimo page."
Paige isn't writing, just following the phenomonon. ;)
Florinda hmms. I need to go see if I'm the most pathetic person.
Cinderella says "You're DEFINITELY not."
Cinderella pictures Paige as this social psychologist studying us all. :)
Paige grins at Cind, "It's better than a slow car crash, but not quite as fun as watching Brand shout fuck. It falls into a happy medium of entertainment." ;)

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November 07, 2001

Just an update for those

Just an update for those of you not playing along at home (and not following La Vie Boheme): last night I reached 10,000 words on my novel. Ten thousand words. I have never written a single story this long in my life. I'm giddy, giddy I tell you!

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November 05, 2001

Oh look, something not writing-related!The

Oh look, something not writing-related!

The Seed says "Oh, speaking of which -- have any of you seen the 'N Suck movie?"
Fate says "No. Avoiding like the plague."
Ruth says "'N Sync has a movie?"
Ruth says "Why the fuck would I go see that?"
Ruth says "That's like asking: Hey Laura, have you recently sprayed Lysol into your eyes?"
I love my friends.

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November 01, 2001

It's started. I started writing

It's started. I started writing my novel last night. Go here to follow the details. :)

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