November 29, 2002


Wow, up far later than I'd planned. Damn FX, anyway. More on that in a moment.

So, Thanksgiving. While Brand ate all the potatoes, I ate a good portion of the stuffing. And my mom made the absolute best turkey I've ever eaten in my life. Good time spent with my mom and other family. Then I came home, took a shower, and climbed into my brand new nightgown. I love this nightgown. It's a sort of periwinkle flannel with long full sleeves. It's floaty and loose and comes down to my ankles with a little ruffle. Yes, yes. I know I am simply full of the sex appeal in my granny nightie, but you know what? The damn thing's WARM and cozy and it makes me happy.

Once safely ensconced in the granny nightie of much happiness, I did some writing. Not on the novel, but rather on the story that broadsided me this morning while I was driving over to the folks' house for Thanksgiving. Then I decided to take a "little break" from writing and wound up watching the Buffy marathon. Five hours later, here I am, nothing more written and thinking I should skip the last part of this episode and go to bed. All the episodes I kept wanting to see, back to back. Good lord. "The Body" made me bawl like a baby. Then "The Gift" made me bawl some more. I spent a good couple hours kicking myself for being so sporadic watching this show. What the heck is wrong with me?

But yeah, to bed with me. Night.

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November 27, 2002

Vacation, all I ever wanted...

It's been a quiet, blissful afternoon around here. I've gotten some writing done (not enough though--I officially tossed in my NaNoWriMo towel over at my writing journal), watched a little TV, played with the cats. The cats, by the way, are not going to the vet this week. There's just no way. Fortunately, Pooka seems much much healthier than she did on Monday.

So for the rest of the weekend, I plan to keep writing, relax as much as possible, spend time with the folks, and stuff myself silly (tomorrow, at least). Time enough to pick all the stress back up on Monday.

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November 26, 2002

November 25, 2002


The cats are going to bankrupt me.

Rumpus HAS TO get his little "operation", like now. He's starting to show some of the less desirable traits of male cats (i.e., he won't get off Pooka's back and I think he's starting to spray periodically). So I called this morning and made the appointment. Come Friday morning, Rumpus says goodbye to his hobbits, and I say good riddance. Unfortunately, I thought my adoption fee covered all of his operation fee. I found out today that no, it only covers about a third of it.

Then I take a good look at Pooka, who has spent the entire morning curled up in my lap, demanding affection. Her eyes are so runny she can barely see. Her nose is runny. And one of her ears is absolutely nasty with earwax, suggesting an ear infection. Call the vet back. Make an appointment for her on Wednesday. I really can't afford this right now. But if I don't do it, I'll feel like the world's worst cat owner. Besides, I had to lock Rumpus in the bathroom again last night because he was so hyper. (Which adds to the "bad cat owner" mentality.) Gah. If all this had just held off until my NEXT paycheck, I wouldn't have worried so much. As it is? Ack.

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November 24, 2002

More quiz insanity

I wanted to do another lyrics quiz. I actually have several groups I wanted to do this with...

1. Are you male or female?
I could have been your sister...

2. How do people feel about you?
and i wish her insight to battle love's blindness
strength from the milk of human kindness
a safe place for all the pieces that scattered
learn to pretend there's more than love that matters
--"Love Will Come to You"

3. How do you feel about yourself?
how long till my soul gets it right
can any human being ever reach that kind of light
i call on the resting soul of galileo
king of night vision, king of insight

i'm not making a joke, you know me
i take everything so seriously
if we wait for the time till all souls get it right
then at least i know there'll be no nuclear annihilation
in my lifetime i'm still not right

4. Describe your love interest?
oh the fear i've known
that i might reap the praise of strangers
and end up on my own
--"Language or the Kiss"

5. What would you be rather doing?
i'm callin' on my good friends today
you know the drive's about an hour away
and we'll be pitching up a tent by the trees
and we'll be wading in the river to our knees
--"Peace Tonight"

6. Describe where you live.
i used to search for reservations and native lands
before i realized everywhere i stand
there have tribal feet running wild as fire
--"Jonas and Ezekial"

7. Describe how you live?
i am alone in a hotel room tonight
i squeeze the sky out but there's not a star appears
begin my studies with this paper and this pencil
and i'm working through the grammar of my fears
oh mercy what i won't give
to have the things that mean the most
not to mean the things i miss
unforgiving the choice still is
the language or the kiss
--"Language or the Kiss"

8. Do you believe in god?
yeah we go to the doctor, we go to the mountains
we look to the children, we drink from the fountains
yeah we go to the bible, we go through the workout
we read up on revival and we stand up for the lookout
there's more than one answer to these questions
pointing me in a crooked line
the less i seek my source for some definitive
the closer i am to fine
--"Closer to Fine"

9. Share a few words of wisdom:
when you learn to love yourself
you will dissolve all the stones that are cast
now you will learn to burn the icing sky
to melt the waxen mask
i said to have the gift of true release
this is a peace that will take you higher
oh i come to you with my offering
i bring you strange fire
--"Strange Fire"

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To go with Julie's recent theme of evil...

Which Fallen Angel are You?

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November 23, 2002

Well, tastes do change, I suppose...

Discussing my new and exciting progress on my NaNo novel (delightfully cheesy bodice-ripper stuff) with Mer via AIM, explaining how I found the time period it's set in, finally:

Me: Post-Cromwell, probably mid-to-late 17th, maybe early 18th century. Which means I have a ton of rewriting to do at some point. I'm not going to worry excessively about historical detail right now, but Elizabeth has been mentioned already, and at some point it may become apparent that Cromwell's folk had a seriously detrimental effect on the fae.
Mer: Hm. Intriguing.
Me: They may have even been responsible for Elizabeth coming into power. Not sure yet.
Mer: Hey, what are you doing? You can't have historical cause and effect in a rational manner like this.. where's my smut? WHERE ARE MY TORRID PENISES?
Me: Hee! I'm getting there, I'm getting there. Come on, you knew this would turn into a marginally serious project eventually. (However, I learned yesterday that the plural of penis is penes.)
Mer: I think I just lost my taste for penes. Only because that is the DUMBEST plural ever. Stupid Romans.

Lost her taste for... nah, it's too easy.

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November 22, 2002

Stop laughing. All of you. I mean it.

What's your sexual appeal?

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November 20, 2002

This Thanksgiving...

...I'm thankful for a five day weekend. Eastern's closed the day before Thanksgiving, so I should just have work and school Monday and Tuesday of next week. Then I have five whole days with which I can write, catch up on school, and clean my house. (Dear god please yes I need to clean the house.)

And I just found out that I may qualify for U of M's tuition reimbursement program, which will mean that I'll only be in debt up to my nose after school instead of my eyebrows.

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*looks at the current world's population* You must have a lot of frustration then.

What pisses you off?
Created by ptocheia

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November 19, 2002

So tired...

I don't know if this is me getting used to the new job, or what, but I have been perpetually tired for a while now. Not just physically tired, but brain-tired. I'm starting to get a little worried that I won't be able to handle school and my job both, but I just keep telling myself that I've only been working for two weeks, and that's not nearly enough time for me to get used to working eight hour days yet.

I'm not horrifically behind in my schoolwork yet, but I'm getting tired of everything being a struggle. Right now, I'm sitting here trying to gear up to do some revisions on a paper that was due yesterday. I'm mostly behind in my reading for my Brit lit class--again, not unthinkably behind, but behind enough that it bothers me. The biggest problem I'm having right now is just physically dragging myself to my classes.

NaNoWriMo? Ha! I think I'm about 10,000 words behind at this point. I haven't written a word since Friday night, when I crossed the 19,000 word mark. Catching up isn't an utter impossibility at this point--if I can just get up the energy to start writing again.

I slept all day on Saturday. I mean ALL DAY. I got out of bed at 9-ish, planning to go write and then go visit my mom, then write some more. Instead I came and sat on the couch, and proceeded to nap (sitting up) until about 4 in the afternoon. Then I went to bed early, like 10 and slept until 8-ish. Fairly certain I napped that afternoon too. I'm about to start checking the house for tsetse flies.

And then there's a little voice that whispers that it might be time to go to the doctor, to rule out fun physiological causes. I will, I promise, as soon as I get my new insurance card.

(Edit to update: 12,000 words behind. Yeesh.)

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I'm three years old...

Jeez. I should not be allowed near food before 9am. I goaded myself out of bed this morning with the promise of a stop at Starbucks before work. (Yes, I know they're the evil corporate empire and I should hate them with all of my liberal-cool college student heart, but--caramel macchiato!) I got my caffeinated bliss, and I also got a chocolate croissant. You can see where this is leading, can't you? I sit down at my desk, take a big drink of caramel macchiato, and a big bite of my chocolate croissant--which promptly spews ooey gooey tasty chocolate all down the front of my green-on-a-white-background top. I'm not talking about a few drips. I'm talking about two giant spooges of chocolate love, right where they would be most noticable.

So I wipe off as much as I can (getting chocolate all over my fingers and mouth while I'm at it) and then go to the bathroom and try to repair the damage. It worked, a little. Now instead of two big dark brown spots on my shirt, I have two bigger, lighter brown spots. If I toss my hair just right over my shoulder, it covers them. Hey, if anybody notices, then they shouldn't be paying that much attention to my chest, right? Right?

Gah. Shoot me.

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November 18, 2002

If you need absolute proof of my geekiness...

...check the credits of the extended version DVD of LOTR. Buried deep in the huge scroll of fan club members, you'll find me, right after Ryan Nicholls. There it is in LOTR credit script: Lisa A. Nichols.

I promise I only joined for the magazine. But the name in the credits thing is nifty, even if nobody else ever sees it there but me. :)

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November 17, 2002

The fuck?

Brand doesn't have any right to bitch. Me? d20? Give me a break!

Which RPG system are you?
by Mr. Vimes
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November 14, 2002

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I'm thankful for it

Too full and too tired to write. Homework and studying to do, too. Too full and too tired to do it. The only thing in the world I want to do is watch a little more of "Legend" on AMC and then go to bed.

I like my new job, very much, but it's a little more of an adjustment than I'd planned on. It's nothing bad, in fact it's mostly good. The difference between the corporate world and the academic world is astounding. The job is interesting enough that the days fly by. But it's also involving enough that by the time I get home, my brain is fried. Like tonight. I'm hoping the brain-fry quotient will decrease a little as I get more accustomed to work and school again.

Tomorrow's my first attempt at working before school. Not quite sure how well the trip from Ann Arbor to Ypsi is going to go, all I know is that going by the bus schedule it's going to take an hour and a half. Starting to wonder if I can maybe work from home on my half-days.

I think it's time to go to bed. No homework done, no words written on the novel tonight. Maybe I'll write some just for principle's sake. Then again, I have to leave the house at 6:45 to catch my bus tomorrow...

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November 13, 2002

you have an ominosity

you have an ominosity quotient of


you are really ominous. find out your ominosity quotient.
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November 12, 2002


What's YOUR Writing Style?

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November 11, 2002

This weekend

I'm already nostalgic, can you believe it? Heh, I have to share the two exchanges that still crack me up the most, though. Especially since I bet nobody followed the link over to the funny stuff. ;)

Mer, looking for important notes:
Mer: Please God, tell me it's not lost.
Me: And a voice from heaven says, "It's not lost."
Mer: God, unless you know where it is, shut the fuck up.

We teased Eric all weekend about having a "don't fuck with me" face, since the obnoxious waitstaff at the restaurant we went to on Saturday didn't bother him at all. So Sunday, in Applebee's, he demands Julie's notebook (which included all the weekend's quotes), and Mer hands it to him without an argument. Later, we wondered why:

Mer: You just sounded so authoritative.
Me: You must be wearing your "don't fuck me" face.
*pause while I realize what I said*
Me: I mean "don't fuck with me" face!
Mer: That's good. Eric was thinking "I've been wearing the wrong face all this time!"
(I later wondered, "Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I've been wearing the "don't fuck me" face all this time!")

Julie only covered the tip of the iceberg on the whole reproduction discussion we had Sunday morning, too. There was a great deal of discussion of sperm swimming techniques and how girl sperm are smarter than boy sperm. I really did snort Vanilla Coke through my nose at breakfast on Sunday too. I forget why, except I remember that Mer was miming throwing up about something and when I bolted from the table she thought she'd made me throw up. In truth, I was just trying not to get Coke in my scrambled eggs. (Which raises the question, Coke with scrambled eggs? While we managed to bring a TON of food with us, there was a slight lack of planning that meant we had no real breakfast food at all, until going shopping Saturday morning. At a store that had no juice.)

Believe it or not, amidst all the hilarity (and there was a lot of hilarity), we all got an amazing amount of writing done, and had some great discussions on writing. And speaking of writing, I should probably be doing that right now, since I fell asleep on the couch and missed most of my English class tonight. :P

(Oh, and to explain the mood? While I was involuntarily napping on the couch I had a dream that, while lovely, turned things here into Frustration Central. I suppose this puts me into a proper mindset to go write part of the trashy novel.)

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Enough with the procrastination already!

What box do you get put in?

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I'm more interesting than I thought!

So how is it I've never stumbled onto this before?

lisa is forever smiling
lisa is set to go wild in zambia
lisa is cool
lisa is absolutely correct
lisa is webminded
lisa is king of the world
lisa is a loser
lisa is true
lisa is sitting pretty enough (I like that: sitting pretty enough, not too pretty, just enough)
lisa is cool have you seen lisa's journal? i like it an awful lot and i'm sure you will (Obviously a fan.)
lisa is very hot and waits for your cock (This is one of the tamer ones, trust me.)
lisa is gonna get it on come and watch (I suppose these two are related.)
lisa is an outspoken adversary of the left and radical feminism and a proponent of modern conservative principles (Ha!)
lisa is not an unmixed blessing for a work of art (That's very profound.)
lisa is hot (Variations of this are repeated so often, it must be true.)
lisa is kept in the warden's office (Probably because I'm so hot.)
lisa is a good mother because she is a kind (Motherhood is what happens when you're too hot,)
lisa is a very experienced musical theatre actress and dancer who most recently starred in les miserables (Do you hear the people sing?)
lisa is still in college (And is currently procrastinating on homework.)
lisa is fully functional (Just like Data.)
lisa is the voice behind some of the 1980s' most memorable songs (In the shower, at least.)
lisa is the best (This is better than a self-help seminar.)
lisa is a slighly boring character because she's so good all the time (Hey, I've loosened up a lot since the 80s!)
lisa is used first as an attribute of absolute and absolutely corrupt power (See?)
lisa is highly complementary to the large ground (Hello, nice ground... I wonder if it will be friends with me?)
lisa is very hot and waits for your cock and pheromones pix (Okay, how do you take pictures of pheromones?)
lisa is similar to a dynamic link library (I am?)
lisa is a spunky (That's me, yup.)
lisa is a terrific editor (They don't call me the grammar Nazi for nothing.)

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This is me, on the bandwagon

Well, everybody else is doing the lyric thing... I chose Tori Amos, not so much because I listen to her all the time now, but because her lyrics hit me hard at a time that I really started learning who I am.

1. Are you male or female?
She's been everybody else's girl maybe one day she'll be her own.

2. How do people feel about you?
I've got your mind I said
She said I've your voice
I said you don't need my voice girl
You have your own
But you never thought it was enough of
--"Bells for Her"

3. How do you feel about yourself?
And if I die today I'll be the HAPPY Phantom
And I'll go chasin' the nuns out in the yard
And I'll run naked through the streets without my mask on
And I will never need umbrellas in the rain
I'll wake up in strawberry fields every day
And the atrocities of school I can forgive
The HAPPY phantom has no right to bitch
--"Happy Phantom"

4. Describe your love interest?
If you know me so well then tell me which hand I use
--"Yes, Anastasia"

Crude, perhaps, but it made me laugh. Slightly less flippantly:

I could just pretend that you love me
The night would lose all sense of fear
But why do I need you to love me
When you can't hold what I hold dear

5. What would you be rather doing?
Gonna lay down gonna lay down

6. Describe where you live.
you don't need a space ship
they don't know you've already lived
on the other side of the galaxy
--Black Dove

7. Describe how you live?
So you found a girl who thinks really Deep Thoughts
What's so amazing about really Deep Thoughts
--"Silent All These Years"

8. Do you believe in god?
You make pretty daisies pretty daisies love
I gotta find what you're doing about things here
A few witches burning gets a little toasty here
I gotta find why you always go when the wind blows
Tell me you're crazy maybe then I'll understand

9. Share a few words of wisdom:
ran into the Henchman who severed
Anne Boleyn
he did it right quickly a merciful man
she said 1+1 is 2
but Henry said that it was 3
so it was
here I am

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November 10, 2002

This is how I spent my weekend:

Laughing my ass off.
Eating some more.
Writing again.

God, I wanna do that again.

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November 07, 2002


E! True Hollywood Story has sucked away another two hours of my life, two hours that I might have spent writing or spent reading Beggar's Opera for lit class. So, I write now, but tonight I'm going to try to go to bed at a decent hour, not 2am like last night.

On a positive note, though, on my first "real" day at my new job, I managed to impress my boss. I heard through the grapevine he was very pleased at how fast I seem to be catching on to the new program I'm learning. Today flew by. Okay, I understand that I'm very much in the honeymoon phase of this job, but wow. Today was pretty damn cool.

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November 05, 2002

Writing trash is fun. That

Writing trash is fun.

That is all.

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New job! And writing and stuff

Just a few words, before I throw myself into the weird, ageless yet somehow historical world of my cheesy novel. Gotta try to make up for not writing last night, after all.

Today was my first day on my new job. Well, technically, yesterday was, but it was just orientation so it doesn't count. All I can say is... remember in The Shawshank Redemption (or Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, if you've read the story), how Red talks about getting out of prison, but still having an institutional mindset? Yeah... that's me. I'm so used to having to account for EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of my time at my old job, and having to take lunch precisely at X time and having my phone calls and computer usage monitored... that the comparatively freeform academic world is a little (okay, a lot) weird. I kept thinking I should be reporting my every move to somebody.

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November 03, 2002

And now?

Now my sinuses, which have been vaguely dry and stuffy and achy all day, are rapidly filling up and starting to hurt like a bastard. And apparently something I raided from the kitchen today isn't happy where it is, and wants to go elsewhere. Quickly.

Well, either that, or I'm coming down with something, and I refuse to accept that.

9:30. Paper not done. Feeling ready for bed. Fuck.

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How did it get so late?

What an odd day. I've been hungry all day. Even right after I eat. In fact, I ate about an hour ago, and I'm sitting here wondering what else I can raid from the kitchen.

So, I did some reading for Brit Lit, did some NaNo writing (5,004 words, and right on schedule so far), and have successfully avoided writing any more on my English paper that's due tomorrow. I'm rather puzzled at where the rest of the day has gone.

I was supposed to go visiting today, but discovered that I couldn't, because I had five dollars in my pocket, very little gas in the car, and a need to pay for parking on campus tomorrow. God, I'll be glad to see things get resolved in this area, at least. Nothing makes a 30 year old woman feel dumber than not being able to go somewhere because of a lack of money. :P

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You know it's a fun episode of Trading Spaces where both teams repeatedly say, "Well, I wouldn't want this in MY house..."

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November 02, 2002

God's teeth!

I woke up with the following in my head:

Researchers have claimed to have found the dental records of Jesus Christ. This is an interesting trick, as according to Christianity his body ascended from the earth forty days after he rose from the dead.

Now, when I first woke up, this struck me as a terribly clever and odd thing to dream, until I realized that it makes absolutely no sense at all. Definitely too much caffeine yesterday.

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