March 24, 2003

I'm alive!

It's a bad thing when your mom emails you wanting to know why you haven't updated lately. :) It's a good thing, though, when you haven't updated because you've been too busy being out of the house being social. It was a very good weekend. I spent Saturday and part of Sunday over at Dawn and Jason's. On Saturday we met a friend of ours from Dark Age of Camelot, who lives in Toledo. It's always neat to meet someone you've gotten to know online first.

Then on Sunday, I have to confess, I bought one of the cheap tickets for the matinee of Rent and saw it again. The good news is, I got the worst of my jonesing out of my system. It's like I told Dawn, watching it is like this total catharsis for me. I laugh, I cry, I feel like I'm going to bust open with joy, all in the space of two and a half hours. I talked to a couple of the Rentheads sitting outside the theatre as I was leaving. They'd been there since 9 that morning to get the really cheap orchestra seats (where I sat the first time I saw it two years ago) that are traditionally offered for the show. At least I haven't gone that far yet, right? Not that I haven't thought about it, I'm just too addicted to comfort to do it. ;)

In other news, I think I'm ready to start writing again. I dreamed a short story last night, which is a good sign. Now if I could just remember the dream...

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March 21, 2003

I know, I know...

I've been quiet this week. Not a lot going on, really. Living, the usual. The best thing that's happened all week so far though, is that I got to go see Rent again in Detroit on Tuesday night. There just aren't words for how much I love that show. It seems to be my fate to always end up enamored of whoever's playing Roger--I dunno if it's the part or if they just cast exceptionally good-looking guys for the role. As before, I had an excellent seat, and as before, I cried my eyes out. It's in town until Sunday. You don't know how much restraint it's taking for me to not splurge and go see it again.

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March 12, 2003

If I had $1,000,000...

...I'd buy a new car. Heck, I'd buy two.
...I'd have an awesome computer.
...I'd be able to sleep whenever I wanted.
...I wouldn't have to make lists about what I'd do if I had $1,000,000.
...I'd be rich.

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March 10, 2003

The funniest thing I saw all weekend...

...was Rumpus when he managed to stick his head through the handle of a plastic shopping bag. He got into the stash I keep beneath the kitchen sink and had somehow, by the time I caught him, managed to get his head and one foot through the loop. He went tearing around the house in a panic because this plastic bag was chasing him. He couldn't get away from it!

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I live! Mostly...

Last week was a long, difficult week, but I seem to have emerged relatively unscathed. More to come later today, I suspect.

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March 06, 2003

Damn cat

Rumpus killed my ergonomic keyboard this morning by knocking my water over directly into it. I suppose I can console myself with the knowledge that it could have been worse. I could have been on the laptop. :P

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March 03, 2003

Absent-minded what?

This makes me laugh: one of the faculty members at work gave his students a riddle to solve over U of M's spring break, then forgot what the solution was and emailed the department for help. :)

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The temperature is 10 degrees below zero right now. Not the wind chill, the temperature. I hate Michigan this winter. :P

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