March 26, 2004

"Did he just go crazy and fall asleep?"

Yesterday was a good day. I wrote in the morning, started getting stuff ready for the Minions retreat this weekend, and then watched Mer's Firefly DVDs--well, part of the first one, anyway. I got through Serenity and The Train Job, and the commentary for Serenity. I'd forgotten just how much I love that show. My hatred of the FOX network is renewed.

Also, I got email about one of the resumes I posted online--I won't say where, but suffice to say it's the big bookstore chain I interviewed with late last year. Different department, different position, but it sounds potentially promising. I mean, they contacted me first, right?

I'm off to pack. Or write. I haven't decided which yet.

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March 25, 2004

Cover your ears...

You know it's time to give it up and get to work when you find yourself refreshing your Livejournal friends page endlessly, waiting for someone to SAY SOMETHING ALREADY, DAMN IT!

I'm a little unfocused this morning, but I'm going to try and work that to my advantage here in a minute. Honest. Yesterday was a pretty draining day overall. I'm glad it's over. Although, I did make veal parmigiana for dinner for the first time, and I'm pretty sure it didn't completely suck. Ask me again once I've had the leftovers for lunch.

Singing along to the radio in my car is one of my favorite things to do. But there's something even better. There is a deep, almost visceral pleasure in taking some cheesy old 80s song (say, oh, "When I'm With You" by Sheriff, for example) and singing along, complete with every single "bab-ay-ee-yay-yay-ee-yay-yay" and every key change, in your best "plant your feet center stage and belt it to the back of the auditorium" voice, feeling like your voice is so big it's going to blow the windows out of your car--especially when you hit that last note, the one that makes dogs cover their ears for a two mile radius. And if you do it while driving down an empty stretch of freeway at one in the morning, that's the best of all.

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March 24, 2004

Decay! Decay! Decay!

Julie already linked to this, but it occurred to me that some folks who don't read her might be equally amused by it, so I present:

Strindberg and Helium (Heeeliummmm!)

Look! It's funny and brain-breaking at the same time!

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March 23, 2004

Looking back and looking forward

The problem, when I spend so much time playing around with web design, is that I don't spend any time actually posting to the pages themselves. I think I'm finally content (for now) with the weblog design again, and the archives are finally finished. The other thing I added is a section on the sidebar that links to journal entries on this day in past years. I'm pretty proud of myself on that one, it uses a couple of MT plugins and I learned how to set up a cron job on my Dreamhost account, so it all automatically updates.

I'm glad to have something to be proud of. I'm getting a little discouraged on the job hunt again. I haven't heard anything from my interview a week and a half ago, and my representative at that particular temp agency hasn't returned any of the messages I've left for her. I'm starting to feel supremely unemployable. I know, I know. The economy sucks and nobody's hiring, hang in there. I know. That doesn't make it any less frustrating.

In converting my old journal entries over to MT, I wound up rereading several of them. It's amazing how many times my life has taken a left turn and taken me somewhere I never thought I'd be. I'm not entirely sure why I'm making any plans for the future at all, because things never turn out that way. ;) Oh well, as long as I end up somewhere I'm happy, right? That much, at least, I feel assured of.

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March 17, 2004


And now, just like that, I hate my weblog design. Too monochrome. Too plain. Blah. However, a quarter to midnight is not the best time in the world to start a webpage redesign. Plus, I'm lazy. And I have no ideas. Anybody else got any neat design ideas? Post 'em if you've got 'em.

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March 15, 2004

Things I learned this weekend:

  • I type 67 wpm.
  • I test as proficient on Word and Excel as my resume says.
  • Not all temp agencies are of the devil.
  • Used condominiums are sort of like used cars: a lot of them have been driven hard, and even the ones that haven't been still smell funny.
  • I can get over the supposed stigma of living in a manufactured home, especially if it involves cathedral ceilings, a jacuzzi tub, and a 50 inch television.
  • In fact, for the above, I'd gladly take up the mantle of Trailer Park Queen (except you're supposed to say "manufactured home community" now).
  • I can make my mom laugh herself to tears just by imitating the cats.
  • NASCAR isn't nearly as interesting when you sleep through half the race.
  • I really enjoy my life right now.
Listening: "Never Ever" -- All Saints
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March 10, 2004 comes through again!

Last week my mom asked me to make something for a bake sale going on at her office tomorrow. I rooted around on and came up with Caramel Shortbread Squares. I made them tonight.

Oh my god. They're like little Twix bars, only better. Good thing for me Mom is taking the lot out of the house tomorrow, otherwise I'd probably spend the day in a butter- and chocolate-induced haze. Definitely making them again.

If anybody wants to make them, make sure you grease and flour the pan first or you'll never get the shortbread out. And when you make the caramel layer, don't overcook it, and you have to stir it constantly--and I mean constantly. My hand's still twitching. The only other thing I changed is that I used half semi-sweet chocolate and half milk chocolate for the top, and added a little oil when I melted it.

Times like this are when I absolutely LOVE cooking. :)

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March 07, 2004

Weekend, loooong weekend

So very tired. I feel like we spent the entire weekend house hunting. Our lease isn't up until summer, but we started looking now. Holy cow. There's an entire world out there. This is kind of fun. Of course, it would be more fun if I had a job. That may soon be remedied--there's a lot more leads this week than previously.

Suffice to say, I've climbed up and down more stairs this weekend than I have in months. So. Very. Tired. But happy. And excited.

(Well okay. And a little scared.)

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March 06, 2004

For the few of you who haven't already seen it

Sci-fi writers are going to be stealing imagery from these pages for a long time. (Link via matociquala.)

The incredible true story of a Russian woman who regularly motorcycles through the Chernobyl "dead zone"--and takes pictures.

Amazing stuff.

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March 03, 2004


Have y'all seen that Chevy truck commercial with the group of guys huddled in a truck, with one of them singing Shania Twain's "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" with tons of enthusiasm? And the guys all look really uncomfortable?

That cracks me up every time I see it.

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March 02, 2004

What did I just say?

I doubt it's an accident that two days after the Oscars, Disney announces they're producing a movie version of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And in fact, in an interesting bit of parallelism, they're calling it "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".

No word in the article on whether it'd be animated or live-action. Considering that the director is the same guy who directed "Shrek", I'd guess animated. (I'm wrong. Greg's Previews mentions that WETA Workshop is doing the special effects, and plans on using a real live lion for Aslan.) Apparently this has been in the works for a bit, but Disney only officially got in the game on Monday.

Hopefully it won't suck. I loved these books as a kid. Please don't let it suck.

Weren't Tolkien and Lewis friends? I think I remember reading that somewhere...

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March 01, 2004

Tracking money

I found a dollar bill today that was stamped, "See where I've been! Track where I go next!"

So I went to the site. Turns out my bill started out in New Boston. What a cool idea. So I entered all the bills I have in my pocketses into the database. It'll be interesting to see if and where they turn up.

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LOTR sweeps the Oscars. In other news: Geeks rule!

If Johnny Depp had won for Best Actor, it would've been a total geek sweep. I can live with the way it turned out. :)

Peter Jackson said a great thing while accepting the award for Best Picture: "I'm happy the Academy was able to look past the hobbits and the trolls and award a fantasy film--fantasy is an f-word that hopefully will get past the five second delay." (I'm paraphrasing from memory.)

I'm of two minds here--part of me is excited, hoping this might be a break of sorts for genre works in general, but part of me is terrified that this will result in a big pile of dreck as all sorts of bad filmmakers try to cash in on the fantasy craze. Maybe it'll be a combination of both.

Either way, this is the first Academy Awards I've watched where "my" movie did so spectacularly. I'm over the moon. :)

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