May 31, 2004

Weekend recap, in which your hostess proves exceedingly lame

I was simultaneously busy and lame this weekend.

The busy: Saturday morning was spent running errands. I had the brakes on my car checked. The bad news: it'll cost about $350 to get them fixed. The good news: I may be able to take that $350 and instead use it to invest in a new(er) car. Jury's still out on that one. While I was waiting to hear how damaged the car was, I wandered over to Borders, where I fully christened my new employee discount with DVDs and a book (more on the book in a minute). Then there was an oil change, grocery shopping, and so on.

I was insanely proud of my productivity, but I ruined it in a fit of utter lameness. See, I was supposed to go to the movies on Saturday night with a bunch of folks, to see The Day After Tomorrow. In fact, the trip to see it was my idea. We were going to the 10:25 pm show. I was yawning and sleepy by 8:00 pm, but I got ready to go anyway, planning to leave about 9:30. Somewhere between 9:00 and 9:30, I dozed off in the living room, and since my mom had already gone to bed, there I stayed until about 2:00, when I crawled into bed and slept the rest of the night. Yes. I fell asleep at 9:00 on a Saturday. Just hand me my walker and ear trumpet now and get it over with.

Sunday was NASCAR and window-shopping for furniture. See, the house is finished. Completely built. It just needs to be trucked from Indiana to here. Ain't manufactured housing a hoot? Anyway, house-fever is running strong around here, and we did some more furniture shopping today as well. No more packing, but it's still early yet. The good news: I now know exactly how I want to decorate my new bedroom. The bad news: I won't be able to afford to do it for a bit.

Now, as to the main reason I accomplished so little after Saturday. All I can say is that it's all Julie and Mer's fault. They've been recommending that I read Diana Gabaldon's Outlander for as long as I've known them. I finally picked it up on Saturday, and I haven't been able to put it down for more than the time it takes for sleep, food, and basic human civility. I've got about 150 pages left--I may be up late tonight finishing it.

If, of course, I can manage to stay awake past 9.

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May 27, 2004

Search term fun

My three favorite search terms used to reach this site, via today's referrer logs:

-book of mormon is oral sex wrong?
-jane austen and the empire said
-our teenager peed her pants what to do

Movable Type's way of grouping multiple entries on a page produces some interesting search results. Hee. Jane Austen and the Empire sounds like a great book title, either a quirky novel or a serious academic work. And whenever I read the first one, I can't help but hear this earnest teenager's voice, "Book of Mormon, is oral sex wrong?" As for the last one, I'm probably so wrong to giggle at that. :)

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I am wearing the funkiest shirt I have ever owned. And in fact, I now own two, in different virulent shades of pink (called, for some reason, shrimp and orchid). The shirt looks like your basic cotton buttondown: the fabric's a little crisp, it wrinkles easily, that sort of thing. But... it's stretchy! Just a little stretchy. Turns out, it's like 97% cotton and 3% spandex. It's comfortable as hell, but very strange. And as I said, virulently pink. 'Shrimp' looked merely bright under the lighting conditions at home. Here under the fluorescents at work, it fairly glows. I will not be hiding from anybody today.

Aren't you glad I decided to update from work? :)

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May 26, 2004

State of the Me

I know I've been horrible about updating. I think once I settle in at work I'll have a better idea how much time I have to goof. Right now, it's not much. My days fly by. This is not a bad thing.

But anyway, a brief update on the state of the me:
-I need a haircut in the worst way. This is the bad thing about having bangs and a real haircut. When it's too long, it's horrible. One side of my bangs keeps winging out and it's making me crazy.
-I am much more active at my job than I'd anticipated. In addition to the usual running up and down of any admin job, there's a longish walk from my car to my desk (and back) every day, plus the task of walking around the department, picking up books from the floor, pushing around a bookcart, etc. It probably doesn't sound like much to anybody else, but I'm currently paying for the year I spent doing my best impression of a three-toed sloth. Note to all authors: Living the life of a full-time writer is peachy and I'd do it again in a heartbeat, but for the love of the deity of your choice, go into it with an exercise plan in place, or you will melt into your desk chair.
-My boss is a big fan of both Shakespeare and the Daily Show. So far, we get on famously. Actually, so far everybody I work with is great.
-I have a paper cut on the webbing between the index and middle finger of my right hand. I got it while photocopying reports this afternoon. You wouldn't believe how much it hurt. I think the copy paper at work is edged with razors.
-I really can't get over how happy I am to be working again. And Friday is payday!

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May 21, 2004

Proof that illiteracy is on the rise

So this guy goes to a taping of the Maury Povich show. Then he foolishly comes home and writes a blog entry about it. Chaos ensues. I laughed my ass off for ten minutes. (Read the comments. All will become clear. And frightening.)

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May 19, 2004


I should probably post about the new job, huh? I can't think of much coherent to say, except that so far, I'm thrilled to death. Don't get me wrong. The job itself is not super-exciting or anything. It's basic administrative type stuff. But... it's about BOOKS! I get to learn all about what books are selling, what books are coming out--granted, if it were about anything but books, I probably wouldn't care. But it's about BOOKS! :)

So, so far so good. I'm really happy about this. And I haven't even tried out my employee discount yet. (And did I mention the free merchandise that occasionally comes my way? I'm going to need new bookshelves after we move.)

I promise to post more in depth about this soon. Right now I'm still getting my bearings. I spent most of today in meetings, trying to understand the jargon folks were flinging about willynilly.

(Oh yeah. Did I mention the whole not answering phones thing? And BOOKS!)

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May 17, 2004

Nervous, so I ramble (new job, old books, Troy)

Well, I start my new job at Borders tomorrow morning. I feel like it's the night before the first day of school--I've spent a good part of today trying to figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow, and what time I'm going to get up, and what I'm going to have for breakfast and... you get the idea. (For the record, I still haven't decided what I'm going to wear, I'm getting up at 5:30, and I'll probably have cereal for breakfast.)

I won't lie, I'm pretty nervous. I haven't had a permanent, full time job in two years. I'm sure it's like riding a bike, but still. My stomach's a little fluttery. However, I'm also feeling crazily optimistic and excited about the whole thing. The idea of an office job that doesn't involve me answering phones and does involve me poking around the book industry? How'd I manage to snag that? I'm still trying to figure it out. Anyway, send some good thoughts my way tomorrow.

I saw Troy this afternoon, and the biggest thing it accomplished was to make me come home and dig out my copy of The Iliad.

That in and of itself is interesting. I've never actually managed to read the whole thing, or much of it at all, although I've had my copy for probably 20 years. I used to be horrible about writing on the front and back covers of books, just random scribbles, usually. Inside this one, along with the scribbles (which in this case look to be random math problems and something about the House of Trivia), I wrote (in my horrible handwriting), "Lisa Bentley, Homeroom 107". If memory serves, Homeroom 107 was Mrs. Lawing's classroom, when I was in the 7th grade. Weirdly, I can even remember when I bought the book. I don't know why it sticks out in my memory, but I was going through a phase where I was determined to read as many of the classics as I could get my hands on. I already had a fair collection of Shakespeare going--and in fact, at the time I was waffling between another Shakespeare and the Homer. I went with Homer, and got bogged down before I got 50 pages into it. I've hardly picked it up since, yet here it still is with me, 20 years later. (And the good news is, the reading is easier going this time--much more interesting.)

Oh? The movie? I think I actually enjoyed Van Helsing more, but Troy is the better movie from a technical standpoint. I can also guarantee that if you're a straight female or a gay male, Troy probably has somebody you'll drool over, given the wide variety of pretty pretty boys. Although, I must be getting old, because I thought Sean Bean was more attractive and charismatic than the young hunks. (Well okay, except maybe Eric Bana.) And Orlando Bloom, god love him, really needs to take a role that doesn't involve him wielding a bow. I couldn't help snickering every time he took a shot. Gotta give him credit for taking a small chance though, playing a coward. He handled it well.

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May 16, 2004


...for those planning to see Van Helsing:

Turn off your brain before entering the theatre. It's simple, and will likely ensure that you actually enjoy the good parts instead of giggling at the rest. It worked for me, at least. I turned off my brain, gave my hormones free rein (I'm considering making it a life goal to have Will Kemp's babies--no really), and sat back. And I had fun, even when it got bad--which it did, but fortunately it was bad on a level and in ways I find immensely enjoyable.

There were good aspects, though, not the least of which is David Wenham as the movie's answer to Q. Hard to believe that this is the same guy who made me weep copiously during Return of the King, cause he's a comic genius. I don't know if it was intentional, but his performance seemed inspired directly by Danny Kaye. He sounds like him, he moves like him--he even dresses as a jester at some point! The only thing he doesn't do is sing.

I'm resisting the urge to delve too deeply into the movie from a feminist perspective, partly because, as much as I'd like to take a closer look at how all of the women are portrayed (only superficially powerful), I have a strong feeling that too much thought would ruin the movie for me, and that would be sad, because I had a lot of fun.

I'm hoping Troy proves to be about on the same level, if not better.

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May 13, 2004

Double standard

I am seriously surprised at how many news stories you can find archived out there of this small town or that small town lobbying to have a fig leaf or loincloth attached to the local replica of Michelangelo's David. I mean really. Is marble genitalia that offensive to people? And how come the same people don't lobby to have the Venus di Milo's boobs covered up? I dunno. Maybe they do and I just haven't been looking in the right place to read about it.

(I promise, I'm not being totally random here. Research! It's research!)

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May 12, 2004

"Big Fish"

I finally got to see "Big Fish" last night. Oh man. I have to own this movie. There are layers upon layers of meaning that I know I missed. I knew going in that I'd probably cry, if only because so much of the storyline involves a dying father, but oh man. The ending made me bawl, and not entirely in a sad way. I got this movie, in ways I'm not sure I can explain. It's beautiful.

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May 11, 2004


Borders just called to offer me a job in their corporate office. I accepted. I may start as soon as Monday.


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May 06, 2004

Another one! (Baby fever heating up again...)

I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I found out that come September I'm going to have another nephew! (Well, I already knew Dawn was pregnant, obviously, but we just found out that it's a boy.) Dawn and Jason are frantic because, well, they had a girl's name all picked out. They've got a few months to go to find a boy's.

Heh, I scared my mom half to death while I was talking to Dawn about the ultrasound. We talked about babies and about baby names, and then started talking about how Justin likes to play on their computers. They were thinking about putting one of their old computers on a desk at his level, then realized that they'd given all their old computers away.

Dawn said, "So if you get a chance to upgrade yours with a new one, can we have the old one?"

I replied, "Definitely. I should have one here soon."

My mother, who could only hear half the conversation and didn't realize the topic had shifted away from babies, gave me a horrified look and said, "I hope not!" Hee.

Speaking of nephews, I'm astonished at how clearly Justin is speaking now. I told Dawn and Jason over the weekend, I thought I was going to miss it when he stopped calling me "Illy", but opening their door on Saturday and hearing, "Aunt Lisa's here!" was one of the warmest, fuzziest moments of my life. As an only child, I never really thought I'd be anybody's aunt, but here I am. It's a nice place to be.

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May 05, 2004

Whedon's a geek! A geek like us!

So I decided to watch Angel, largely because it's almost finished as a series. And not only is Jonathan Andrew (as was pointed out to me--I'm so lame) on this episode, but he's wearing a Strong Bad T-shirt. Bwah! Of course, he's the one who made the Trogdor the Burninator comment during the Buffy finale. I was so busy cackling, however, that I missed who he said Buffy was now involved with. Ah well, that's what the internet is for.

(Edited to add: Oh. That's who.)

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May 04, 2004

This month?!

How the hell did this get in under my radar? What kind of fan am I? This month? Holy shit! DVD: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King (Widescreen Edition) (2003)

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May 03, 2004


I spent most of yesterday reformatting my hard drive and getting everything reinstalled. Suffice to say, I had foolishly been operating without a firewall for a very long time, and was starting to find some suspicious crap on my computer. So I wiped it and started over. (Yes, I have a firewall now.) Performance seems to have improved considerably, but I'm still at that annoying stage where I have to tweak everything to get it just where I want it. I will, I imagine, survive. :)

My interview on Friday was insanely short, but seemed to go well. Keep your fingers crossed for me, please. I'd really like this job. You'll hear anything as soon as I do. And also, we placed the order for our new house on Saturday. Sometime this week we should hear an estimated delivery date--again, you'll know when I do.

I feel like I spend so much time waiting for things to happen nowadays. It'll be nice to get back to actually being able to MAKE things happen.

Listening: "Like a Prayer (remix)" -- Madonna

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