June 08, 2005

28. The Working Poor, David K. Shipler

Yes, this book pissed me off exactly as much as I thought it would. Shipler does an excellent job of covering all the varied reasons for poverty, and shows that despite the politics of the matter, neither the Left nor the Right is exactly correct on what causes poverty and what should/can be done about it. I found myself outraged while reading this, but more, I found myself trying to think of ways that I could be part of a solution. I still haven't decided what I could do yet, but I'm thinking about it.

The class system in the US is so fucked up. We try to ignore it, and everybody thinks they're middle-class, no matter where they are or how much money they actually make, so as a result, nobody ever tries to address the actual differences in terms of expectations and upbringing and communication skills and values. Class does matter, even here, and it's time we start dealing with it.

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