June 12, 2005

32. Traveling Mercies, Anne Lamott

There just aren't enough words for my growing love of Anne Lamott. I know her brands of Christianity and spirituality aren't for everyone, but wow do they speak to me. She has a way of soothing my soul, of saying the things I need to hear, even if maybe I didn't want to hear them. I'd thought about grabbing the book and listing some quotes here, but there's just too much. There's too much goodness in this book to pick just one or two quotes.

I have almost nothing in common with Lamott, who is a single mother and recovering addict and alcoholic. What we do have in common is a belief in a God of love and social justice, and that all of the dogmatic crap people tend to get so bogged down in is a gigantic waste of time. She reminds me that Christianity can (and should) have room for everybody, regardless of our personal differences.

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