August 09, 2005

35. Captain Alatriste, Arturo Perez-Reverte

This is one of the books that came to my attention only because I found some reviews for it at work. After reading the first couple reviews, I knew I wanted very much to get my hands on it. It was quite an enjoyable little swashbuckler (especially coming on the heels of Allende's Zorro), and I look forward to reading more of the series, due out next year (they've already been published in Spanish, but the English translations are just starting to trickle out). My only complaint is that the ending seemed to come too abruptly. I know, it's part of a series, and there's more story to come, but even for a series novel, it felt too truncated. Or maybe that's partly because I zipped through it so quickly. In any case, my love of historical novels is being completely revitalized by this and a few other books I've read this year.

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