February 06, 2004

LJ Conversion complete, to-do list

As of right now, I've converted over all my Livejournal archives to Movable Type. That brings my total number of entries (across six blogs and dating back to 2000) to a little over 1500. And I still haven't dealt with my old archive yet. That has entries going back to 1998. Of course, they weren't quite as rapid-fire as the Blogger and LJ entries.

What's left to do? By order of importance (to me):

-Design and configure the reading blog
-Design and configure the gaming blog
-Design and configure the cross-stitching blog
-Do the about me/bio page
-Do the sitemap
-Design professional page
-Figure out how I'm going to handle pre 2001 archives, and do it
-Clean up old, unneeded files

Clearly, this is going to be a long term thing in some cases.

Posted by Lisa at February 6, 2004 01:34 PM
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