August 31, 2001

I've rounded the corner, THANK

I've rounded the corner, THANK GOD! Not in terms of word count, which is still pitifully low, but after lots of thinking yesterday and a long conversation with Brand last night, I know exactly where I'm going with my Liberation stuff. Good thing, too, cause I've stretched the deadline about as far as I can. Now it's just a question of writing it.

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August 30, 2001

I'm writing, I'm writing already!

I'm writing, I'm writing already!

This has been a tough, tough project. I'm so far behind schedule it's scary. I think I'm going to miss even my extended deadline, but damn it, I'm writing!

Bad news is, Capal stuff is due on the 10th. Good news is, I don't have much to write for Capal.

But then after Liberation and Capal I've got to dive into Memory, or whatever the hell I'm going to call it.

After that? I think after that I stop with the T8 projects for a bit and concentrate on more fiction. Sure, my fiction's not a guaranteed publication, but I think it'll be better for me in the long run. Plus, I'm burning out a little on writing for T8.

But right now, I'm going back to taking things one paragraph at a time.

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August 24, 2001

*beats her head against things*

*beats her head against things*

I can't focus for shit today. I'm going to fuck up this deadline, I know it.

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August 22, 2001

It's really amazing, the things

It's really amazing, the things you find to do when you're avoiding a writing project. I managed to research family history and research scanners, DVD players, and trackballs this afternoon.

I did, however, also manage to do some disease research, which I needed to do for my project. Go me.

Like I said in an email to Brand -- who's the head writer on Liberation -- "I need to be somewhere where the frigging PHONES aren't ringing. The idea's right there, but it won't come out. I feel like I'm in labor." I hate this feeling. It makes me feel unfocused and fidgety, with my attention leaping from one thing to another.

Someone needs to come up with a Lamaze class for ideas.

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Argh. I hate this part

Argh. I hate this part of writing. My deadline for Liberation is officially the 27th, and to be honest, I've not written a word for it, with all the stuff going on in my family recently. I'm a little freaked out. Okay, a lot freaked out. I'm having an incredibly difficult time getting back into the writing mindset. Add to that the training I'm starting to do at work, and my time is cut even shorter. I feel overwhelmed. It's not a good feeling.

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August 07, 2001

If you follow the regular

If you follow the regular journal, you know there's a lot going on with my family right now, so most of my writing is sort of on hold. I'm going to try and get some work done on Liberation or Memory today, mostly because, well, what else am I going to do while I'm sitting here waiting?

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August 03, 2001

I just want to find

I just want to find some information about military installations near the Montreal/Quebec area. Is that so difficult? You'd think it was top secret information or something, jeez. ;) I mean, I'm not planning an invasion or anything, I just need to know what exists where.

Research for writing is not usually my strong suit. I skim, I pick out the details I need, and tend to ignore the rest -- unless it's something that interests me. And when I realize I need to know something, I need to know it NOW. Had I started seriously writing before the days of the internet, I think I would've gone mad. Whaddya mean I gotta wait until the library opens?!

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August 02, 2001

I started work on my

I started work on my chapter of Liberation this morning! Hooray! Not only that, but I've got my storyline all pulled together in my head! Double-hooray!

I suppose I should explain a little bit about the projects I've got listed.

"Blue Lady": Urban fantasy about a celestial war in the inner city. This could well be a novel. I don't know yet.
"Midsummer": One of my many selkie stories, this one inspired by a news story about an elephant seal blocking an office building. Elephant seals are enormous, and I found myself imagining an elephant seal selkie -- fat and gorgeous. :)
"Falling into Flames": A scrap of a cyberpunk idea that came to me. Inspired by a post to an email list about someone's earliest memory.

Memory's Price: A Book of Legends -- which really needs a new title. A BoL is a group of short stories, possibly interconnected, with some sort overarching story or theme for use in the game. Similar to Harvest of Thorns the "legends" here are based on some stories from our own world. Not telling which ones! :)
Liberation: A campaign cycle book, which means I can't say too much about the plot. Basically it's a book that details a story for a game master to run with his/her group.
Capal Book of Days: A setting book about a new setting in the Tribe 8 world, Capal. I'm actually writing very little on this.

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August 01, 2001

The direct URL to this

The direct URL to this page has changed, since I set up dotcomments. The URL is

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Gah. I feel like I'm

Gah. I feel like I'm trying to put together a poorly-cut jigsaw puzzle. I keep trying pieces, but none of them quite fit -- but all of them come close. I'm getting to the point where I'm about to start cramming pieces together.

What am I doing? Well, since I don't have my notes for Liberation here at work with me, I'm working on plotting out Memory's Price -- that title is surely going to change. The storyline's changed completely since I came up with the title.

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Okay, things are rough now.

Okay, things are rough now. I'll have to wait till I get home to clean things up and maybe make up a spiffy graphic or two for the title. The title, I should mention for now, is tentative, but is taken from a song from Rent, with the lyrics:

To days of inspiration, playing hooky
Making something out of nothing
The need to express, to communicate
To going against the grain, going insane
Going mad...
It's good enough for now. Sort of like the page itself.

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August is Tribe 8 month.

August is Tribe 8 month. I realized, while I was setting this up, that I have two deadlines near or at the end of the month, for Liberation and Capal. This freaked the shit out of me. I need to get my ass in gear on both projects. Methinks my mornings of Simming are behind me for a while...

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