September 26, 2001

Writing papers instead of T8

Writing papers instead of T8 stuff. Instead of fiction. Instead of journal entries. Instead of anything. The scary thing is, I sort of enjoy writing papers. It's just a little frustrating. I haven't sat down and honestly concentrated on fiction in so long I'm almost afraid to try again. Which, of course, means that I should sit down and write some fiction, ASAP.

Times like this are when I miss my old job, for the time I had on the job to write. Writing time is the only thing I miss about that job.

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September 24, 2001

I'm still alive, and occasionally

I'm still alive, and occasionally writing. Due to a huge number of reasons, deadlines were (thankfully) pushed back on both Liberation and Capal. So they're still on the "To Do" list. Maybe I can get more accomplished next month. :P

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