October 31, 2001

On your mark... get set..

On your mark... get set..

As I write this, it's 10:41 pm. 1 hour and 19 minutes to go before November 1. I'm sitting here thinking I should hurry up and finish reading "The Cherry Orchard" for drama class, but I don't wanna! I'm on one MUSH where there are several NaNoWriMoers, and all of us are anxious to get started. I'm also trading emails furiously with Julie. If I can't start writing now, then I want to talk about it, damn it!

I have butterflies in my stomach. I should just go to bed and then get up early to write. But I may, like Julie, stay up until midnight, write a ceremonial opening paragraph, then go to bed. We'll see.


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October 30, 2001

Yes I know. It's not

Yes I know. It's not November yet. I'm just getting this place ready. The idea is to keep the word count updated daily or almost daily. I think Julie and I are shooting for 12,500 words a week. Personally, I'm shooting for 2,000 words a day.

I can do this. I can do this.

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October 29, 2001

Whoa! I got the coolest

Whoa! I got the coolest email this morning from Chris Baty, the guy who started this whole NaNoWriMo thing:

Congratulations! You've been picked at random to be one of the 30 people profiled on our "Meet the Wrimos" page. Each day during November, we'll put up a 200-word profile of a different participant.
He goes on to say that I'll be getting email shortly asking me some questions about myself. Whee! So... I guess now I have to finish this thing, huh? ;)

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October 24, 2001

The Palm keyboard passed its

The Palm keyboard passed its first test with almost flying colors. Our power went out last night and I ended up having to write a paper for school on the Palm, complete with keyboard. Not bad. Not bad at all. Editing is a bit of a pain, but that's a good thing, in this case, because I need to shut down my internal editor to write that 50K.

Yay, technology makes me happy!

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October 21, 2001

New subplots, arriving daily! I

New subplots, arriving daily!

I dreamt about The Host this morning, when I woke up, I jumped up and grabbed my Palm and started taking notes. I (literally) dreamt up a whole new subplot. This can only be a good sign.

Now I've officially told enough people about my participation in NaNoWriMo that it will be a little embarrassing if I don't pull through. So, there's some extra incentive, there.

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October 17, 2001

Well who needs a laptop?!

Well who needs a laptop?! I found a nifty mini word processing program for my Palm that synchronizes with Word. Now I'm eyeing one of those collapsible keyboards from Palm as well. If I get that, I should be good to go to write just about anywhere. And that would just be cool!

Heh, I was listening to my NaNoWriMo MP3 playlist last night while I was finishing up Liberation. I discovered that KMFDM makes damn good writing music if one is trying to write quickly. This I will definitely need to keep in mind for next month.

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Finished, by god! I finally

Finished, by god! I finally wrapped up my Liberation stuff a few minutes ago. I'll still keep it on the list under "Editing", because I'm sure I'll have to edit a bit, but the worst is OVER!

Now I'm going to go to bed and collapse, thank you.

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October 16, 2001

I edited the manuscript for

I edited the manuscript for Liberation today. Thank GODS. All I have left to do is to finish polishing my puny section. And lest I jinx myself, I think I FINALLY have a handle on the damned beast. Tonight or tomorrow it'll be done.

I had one hell of a scare earlier tonight. It's easier to explain it this way:

Cinderella says "Aw, fuck."
Cinderella can't open the Liberation doc she spent ALL DAY editing.
Paige hms. That's not a good thing.
Cinderella says "OH FUCK ME."
Cinderella gets the following message during scandisk: "ScanDisk could not properly read from or write to cluster 2772, which contains some or all of the 'A:Liberation 2.rtf' file. The contents of this cluster are probably already lost."
Paige says "Well."
Paige says "That's some great big bitch, right there. :P Is it only on the disk, or saved on your work computer/could email it to yourself tomorrow?"
Cinderella /thinks/ she saved it on her work computer.
Cinderella says "Motherfucking son of a bitch. This is just the cursed project from hell."
(Cinderella = me, Paige = Laura) Luckily, scandisk also managed to salvage everything on the disk. I was about to commit hari-kari with a ballpoint pen.

And last but not least, I found a Palm program that lets you store and edit Word docs on your handheld. Who needs a laptop? I'm playing around with the demo right now.

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October 15, 2001

Did I finish Liberation this

Did I finish Liberation this weekend? What do you think?

Of COURSE I didn't! To steal from the old children's song, "This is the book that never ends, it just goes on and on, my friends. Some people started writing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue writing it forever just because this is the book that never ends... etc."

I hate this book with a flaming purple passion right now. This is worse than Revanche. I didn't have time to hate Revanche. I just feel bad because it's worse for Brand, who's the head writer on this one.

Once I'm done, I absolutely cannot jump right into Memory. I'm feeling burnt out with the whole Tribe 8 thing right now. NaNoWriMo feels like a welcome break, right now. How sick is that?

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October 14, 2001

Ah. I have sound back

Ah. I have sound back on my computer. I can write again. See, when I write, I have to have music playing. And it has to be from my computer. If I play my stereo, I get distracted by getting up to change CDs or skipping tracks. If I use MP3 playlists, on the other hand, I just click a button to restart it or set it to loop infinitely (until I think I'll puke if I hear anything from Carmina Burana ever again).

What do I listen to? That depends on what I'm writing. I wrote all of Harvest of Thorns listening to a combination of Dead Can Dance, Tannahill Weavers, and the Prince of Egypt soundtrack -- so that playlist has become my default for writing anything for Tribe 8. Sometimes, if I'm feeling really pressured, I'll put just one or two songs on a playlist and repeat them endlessly. I wrote my bits of Revanche listening to "Deliver Us" from the Prince of Egypt soundtrack and "Burn" by the Cure, I think.

Right now my Tribe 8 list is playing, but I've added classical bits and Enigma and some Loreena McKennitt -- it's almost too long to be practical. And yes, I'm already pondering what to listen to while I write The Host, my November novel. ;)

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October 13, 2001

In a flash during school

In a flash during school this morning, the title of my November novel came to me, along with themes and an ending. I have a couple of quotes that I need to print out and tape all over my desk for inspiration. I'm geeked about this. I have a title. I have character names. I have a plot. I have themes, ferchrissakes. The only problem is that I want to start writing on it NOW. Not happening, of course. This weekend is dedicated to editing and wrapping up Liberation.

Stay tuned. This may be the only journal of mine that gets any play during November.

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Gods help me. Now I

Gods help me. Now I know what I'm doing in November. Okay, about this writing buddy thing...

The good news is, I've had a novel idea stewing in my head for over a year now. The bad news is, instead of 30,000 words in 30 days, it's 50,000 words. Ack.

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October 12, 2001

I officially resigned from writing

I officially resigned from writing on Capal last week. It was a hard decision to make, and I still feel pretty crappy about it. I'm also still struggling along with Liberation, and wondering how in the hell I'm going to work out Memory.

And that being said, now I'm completely tempted by National Novel Writing Month. (Thanks a lot, Julie. ;)) When will I have TIME? But if I don't make time, I'll never have time, right? Arrrrgh. Writing has taken such a backseat lately. Maybe NaNoWriMo might shake me out of that. (Well, that or completely dishearten me. :P)

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October 05, 2001

Well at least I updated

Well at least I updated the page, right? Writing has so definitely taken a backseat to everything else right now. It bothers me. Quite a lot. I'm just not sure what to do about it right now.

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