December 17, 2001

I have to steal this

I have to steal this quote from Holly Lisle's weblog:

"English doesn't borrow from other languages - English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar."

Holly is apparently a professional novelist who's worked with the likes of Marion Zimmer Bradley and Mercedes Lackey. And somehow I've managed to overlook her. Go read her blog though. It's fun to see how a professional goes through the writing process too. I'm glad I'm not the only one focusing on word counts!

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December 15, 2001

Aha! Finally a decent writing

Aha! Finally a decent writing day. I've done about 2500 words today on various projects, and hope to do more this evening. I was starting to get a little worried there. There's been another major plot development in The Host, and this may be the one that lets me wrap up all the loose ends. Whee!

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December 10, 2001

Well, the phones were down

Well, the phones were down all day at work so I got another 1,400 words or so done on The Host. I admit, I crashed and burned last week. I was suffering from severe burnout and probably a small case of post-NaNo blues to go with it. I'm a little better now. I'll be better still once this semester is over and not hanging over my head anymore. Bleah.

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December 05, 2001

Okay, so I'm not doing

Okay, so I'm not doing so great with the average word count right now. It's been a long, difficult week. (Yes, I know it's only Wednesday.) I did, however, finally bite the bullet and submit "Rhythm of the Tides" to Elysian Fiction magazine. Go me.

(I also managed to get my final paper for one of my lit classes thought out and outlined too -- good thing too, it's due on Saturday.)

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December 02, 2001

I got to meet Julie

I got to meet Julie tonight. She introduced me to sushi and we had a great time chatting. I love it when someone who's great to talk to online turns out to be great in real life too. But, be afraid when two writers get together. I have to admit, it kicked all the ass to be able to sit in a sushi bar in Ann Arbor and talk about our novels. :) It turns out we'd both brought our written manuscripts with us. As I said, it didn't feel right to celebrate their existence without having them there. Neither of us really read them, they just sat on the table so we could see them.

So, for December, I've changed my goals a bit. I want to write an average of 1,000 words a day. Ideally, I'd like to write that much everyday, but I'm a realist, so I figure the average will work. Keeping track of how much writing I'd done in November was a good motivator, so I'm going to keep doing it. It was kinda like having a personal trainer. "C'mon! You can do another five hundred words! Keep working! Feel the burn!"

Lots of stuff to edit this month too. Ideally, I want to have all of the manuscripts on that list edited and submitted by the end of the month.

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