June 19, 2002

Still alive!

Yes, I am still here, I am still alive. I am not, however, still writing. I know, I'm an evil slacker. Can't even tell you for sure how it started, but I wound up playing EverQuest a lot instead of writing. The good news is, that although I am still unemployed, I don't have to worry about employment until at least September, because I will be playing the poor full-time student living on financial aid until then. At which point I may remain the poor full-time student living on financial aid. We'll see. Which means I should have time to write furiously, even after school starts.

Still might be able to make my goals for June, if I get off my behind. Working on it, working on it...

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June 06, 2002

Gab club

Well, I managed to finish editing another five chapter section of The Host today, but Write Club was more like Gab Club. This is a good thing though. I've noticed Julie and I tend to do that once every couple of months or so -- hey, I think it's usually after we've skipped a week! Plus I haven't been talking to her as often as I did when I was working (you know, and chained to my computer for 9 hours a day -- thank god for AIM), so we had some catching up to do.

I've become convinced, at almost the halfway point of The Host, that it doesn't entirely suck and is probably going to make a pretty good novel. This doesn't mean much, of course. Things went downhill in the last half. I fear there is much that is cringeworthy lying in wait for me. I realized today that I can set up character and conflict like a pro, but when it comes to resolving it, I kinda suck. This is also true of my short stories. (Heh. Brand's response to that: "You're just like Neil Gaiman!" He was a wee bit more disappointed with the endings to American Gods and Neverwhere than I was.)

Anyway, at this rate, I should be retyping the draft by next week. Who knows how long that will take, especially if I toss in the extra subplot that occurred to me today. Hey, this editing thing is kinda fun!

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June 05, 2002

So it begins...

I actually started editing The Host today, god help me. I've got a sort of system worked out, we'll see how well it works. I took a fairly sizable chunk (about 65 out of 300 pages) of it and went through it thoroughly today. I noted word changes and typos and grammar flubs on the manuscript, and made notes for questions I hadn't answered or bits that didn't make sense. Then I did an index card for each chapter, just summarizing the chapter and listing any plot or character concerns I had for that chapter. Once I've done that for the whole novel, I'm going to sit down and retype in the second draft, as opposed to just editing the original. I'm hoping to have a finished second draft by the end of the month. Hoping being the operative word there.

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June 04, 2002

Another day, another draft

Voila! I now have a finished draft of "Computer Dating". I finished it up this morning with amusing accompaniment from my stereo, which seemed to be reading my mind as far as songs the randomizer chose to play. Yes, it's true. I've finally gotten past my block about writing at home. I've managed to find myself the perfect little corner to curl up and write in. Naturally, it's not my desk.

Of course, now I want something new to work on. The new novel is slowly percolating in the back of my mind, cooking while I sleep, I imagine. I keep eyeing the massive manuscript of The Host sitting on my desk and pondering how best to start tackling it. I think I may spend the afternoon breaking it down to sections of a couple chapters apiece. Then I'll start with a careful readthrough with a red pen handy, to really pin down the problem areas. Maybe by the time I get sick of that, the other novel will have simmered long enough for me to start actually outlining it. That's what I'm hoping at least.

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June 03, 2002

Yeah, I'm still around...

Today was the first morning I actually got up and wrote as planned. I didn't have any other pressing errands (you know, involving how the heck I'm going to survive until school starts this fall, that sort of thing), so I was able to sit down after breakfast and work. About two hours' worth on "Computer Dating", which I swear I will finish by the end of the week. I may spend some time writing this afternoon too. The bug bit me today, and heck, it's cold and rainy outside, what else am I going to do?

Losing my job has caused a lot of restructuring of my plans, obviously. Not all of it is for the worse. In fact, most of it is for the better. I'm almost absurdly happy that I'm going to have a little more time (in the short run at least) to focus almost completely on writing, and in the long run, I'll be able to focus completely on the two most important things to me right now: school and writing. My financial situation is starting to fall into place, and I'm feeling more and more like this is the way things were supposed to happen for me.

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