July 28, 2002


Why is it whenever I start making progress, I have computer problems? The power cord on my laptop died last night, leaving me with a dead laptop battery and no way to recharge it. Yes, technically I can write without the laptop, but it just doesn't feel right. :P

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July 23, 2002


I rewrote a chapter and a half of The Host today, totaling over 3,000 words. I'll update the monthly total as soon as I retrieve it from the laptop, but I know my monthly total is over 5,000 now. I feel much better. I fixed some things in the very first chapter that were really bothering me. I think the relationship between A.J. and David might turn out to be slightly less gackworthy now. I hope.

I also ended up sending "Midsummer" to a magazine called Glimmer Train -- not a spec fic market, but a literary one. I'm not entirely convinced that "Midsummer" will sell to a spec fic market, because it doesn't quite fit the mold. :P

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July 22, 2002

Still here...

I rewrote the prelude for The Host -- and I heard back from F&SF. At least they're fast when it comes to rejecting me, right? Not sure where "Midsummer" is going to go next, possibly Black Gate.

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July 17, 2002


*sigh* Avoiding starting the second draft. I keep saying I'm going to outline. I think I need to just stop putting it off and dive in, no outline. I just want some more input on the first draft, and SOME PEOPLE *coughbrandcough* can't be bothered to read the darn thing. Being in another country is no excuse, damn it! Screw it. I start rewriting tomorrow, no more putting it off.

Oh, I did manage to send "Midsummer" off to F&SF on Monday.

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July 11, 2002


I finished my first read through tonight! I have a pile of notes and several ideas in my head, all ready to be assimilated into a second draft. I have a lot of questions still, knowing where the problems are is only the first step to fixing them, after all. Some of my issues have me a little stumped. Overall, I think there's a lot of good stuff in this novel, but there's also a lot of crap, and a lot of weakness. Still, not bad for a first draft of a first novel, written entirely off the cuff.

I'm wondering how to start the second draft. I'm debating trying to construct an outline that incorporates the new subplot ideas, then start the rewrite from there. That sounds kinda daunting right now though. Feh.

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Get me, I'm a minion!

Yes, it's true, I'm officially one of Shakespeare's Minions. Really, deep down, I always have been. Still, the validation is nice.

I have been working, despite the lack of posting and the low word count off to the left there. I've got about four chapters of The Host left to read through and make notes on. The plan is to wrap that up tonight at Write Club. I have a ton of notes so far, of things to change, things to fix, things to add -- I've got two subplots and several scenes for existing subplots that need to be mixed in for the second draft. I think I have my work cut out for me, but I also think I'm still well on track to have a decent second draft by September -- at which point I start looking for an agent, oh my.

In other news, "All the Lonely People" came back to me from Weird Tales after about six weeks, along with a rather rude note. At least it wasn't a form, right? I've been bad though, I haven't sent either that or "Midsummer" back out yet, mostly because I've been too lazy to go buy postage. "Lonely People" needs some serious tweaking though.

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July 02, 2002


"Midsummer" came back today, after six weeks. I'm not surprised, but also not pleased. This was a form rejection in the truest sense of the word. Enclosed in my package was an 8 by 2 strip of paper with badly photocopied 'thanks for sending it, but it doesn't meet our needs' on it. And a blank line for comments. Ah well. Now I can just pop the manuscript (which doesn't look like it was touched at all) back in the mail tomorrow. Up next, F&SF, where I'm expecting a quick and dirty rejection from VanGelder's assistant. I could be wrong, but...

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Summertime, and the livin' is easy...?

Okay, so June was a sort of vacation. Everyone takes vacations, right? I'm back in the saddle again, especially since school started last week and has given me some structure to work with. I think I have more going on right now writing-wise than is really smart, but what can I do? I can't edit ALL the time, and the only story idea I've got seriously percolating right now is the second novel. What started out as a cyberpunk-ish idea is turning into a hugely epic, socio-political novel about an unwilling religious leader. It's tentatively titled The Edge of Heaven, but you know me, tentative titles usually turn into the real thing. Right now I'm working on trying to outline the novel, but I'm also poking at part of the manuscript too, just to keep from getting bored with the outline. I have a notebook set aside for this project alone (another first for me, to do so much work longhand) that is slowly being filled with glossaries, place names, characters, and character histories. I realized yesterday (and, scared, confessed to Julie), I think I may have material for a trilogy here. A science-fiction trilogy even. Hold me, I'm scared.

Still working on edits for The Host. Right now I'm still reading through the whole thing in depth, making grammar and wording changes, looking for story holes and inconsistencies. Once done with that, I'm going to start the second draft from scratch, retyping the whole thing in. That should be fun. Right? Right?

And then, of course, I still have two stories I'm kicking around. Finished, but... not happy with either of them, and not sure why. They'll be simmering a little while longer, I think.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I'm back in school fulltime...?

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