December 26, 2002


Okay. The 'non-titled non-SF story' that spent most of December on my to-do list was actually a Christmas present for my mom. I finished it on the 21st, did some edits on the 23rd and printed it off on some pretty Christmas paper on the 24th. I was pretty pleased at how it turned out. It was largely a non-genre Christmas story: poor single mom, trying to find a way to give her daughter a Christmas. The only slightly genre twist to it was the "Christmas miracle" at the end. :) Normally at our house we open presents Christmas morning (this was not the case when I was a kid), but I knew my mom wouldn't have much reading time on Christmas morning, so I had her open it Christmas Eve. She read it and cried, and told me it was the best Christmas present I'd ever gotten her. Can't help feeling warm and fuzzy about that. (But how am I going to top myself NEXT year?!)

So, "Not too Much to Ask" is on my finished list of stories, but won't show up here, as it's neither in circulation or technically 'published'. Hm... maybe I should set up a section for 'self-published'... ;)

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December 12, 2002

Sad but true

December is turning out to be the month of No Writing, so far. I've got high hopes for my break between semesters--we'll see. Right now I'm just holding on until finals and projects are finished, six more days.

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