February 12, 2003


Midterm season. I fully expect things here to be quiet until the end of February. :P (Of course, every time I say that, I start writing like mad.)

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February 09, 2003


I just got a very frustrating rejection. The editor was really complimentary about my writing and said it held her attention, but was "shocked" by the ending, so she couldn't accept it. That was the point. It was supposed to be shocking and maybe a little thought provoking about the ways our society mirrors the one in the story. Maybe I'm a little off with it, I don't know. Grar.

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February 04, 2003


Another round of stories sent out: "Midsummer" to Fortean Bureau for a theme issue, "An Eye for an Eye" to Ideomancer. Still looking for a good market for "Girl Behind the Counter". I chopped down "Midsummer" pretty substantially, from 6,000 words to 4,500. I think that made a big improvement, but I'm not sure.

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February 03, 2003

Good rejection

"The Girl Behind the Counter" came back from Fantasy & Science Fiction, with a rejection letter that made me laugh out loud. Easily the best rejection note I've ever gotten. I'll quote a bit from the story first, for context:

My only thread of hope was a handwritten note on the form letter from Evergreen Quarterly, a tiny magazine out in Washington State: "Good luck, Wiliam!" Misspelling and all, I kept that note tacked above my computer. On the days when the words wouldn't come and the characters wouldn't move, it reminded me that somewhere out there, a real person was wishing me well, even if they couldn't get my name right.

The rejection I got, while not precisely a form letter, had, handwritten at the bottom of the letter: "Good luck, Lissa!"

Who says editors don't have a sense of humor?

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February 01, 2003


"An Eye for an Eye" came back today with an amazing two day response time from Flesh & Blood. The editor was very complimentary and had some useful comments, but felt the story didn't fit his magazine. Off again, I need to decide on a second market for it.

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