June 29, 2003

A plot has found me!

I have the seeds of a plot for my story, which crossed the 3,002-word mark tonight. Go me! I may not be done tonight. We'll see if inspiration hits later on. For now I'm feeling the need for a nap, which given the hour, I doubt I'll take.

This is definitely not a short story. 3,000 words in, and I don't think we're done meeting major characters yet. I'm thinking it probably will be novella length. Probably NOT novel (she says hopefully, two in progress and one in edits is enough!).

Tentative title: "From a World More Full of Weeping". I like it, but I'm afraid it might be too wordy. Stealing from Yeats for titles again, this time "The Stolen Child".

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June 26, 2003

Write Club again, finally

I went back to Write Club last night for the first time in, well, months. Last week doesn't really count, cause that was mostly me and Julie chatting and goofing off. ;)

Managed another 400 words or so on the untitled story. Max is now Alex, or, as I discovered a little bit ago, Lady Mirelle Alexandria Xavier ni Malcolm--which she doesn't accept. She's met a new ally, apparently, but she doesn't trust him. I wouldn't either, but then, I know who he is. Showed what I had so far to Mer and Julie. Mer says the new character is sexy and the story/novel/whatever the hell this is should be a romance. Julie just thinks it's probably a novella. I think she's right. And I think Mer's right about Weylin being sexy, but hey.

The plot is growing slowly. It's all feeling a bit derivative of Laurell K. Hamilton, but I don't care right now. It feels too good to be writing.

Because I haven't done it in ages, here's a snippet of what I wrote last night:

"What happened?" Alex asked quietly.

"Threw me out," Weylin muttered gruffly. "Familiar story around the Uasal Court these days. Disagree with His Highness too loudly or too often, and out you go. Why do you think he's rounding up the half-breeds? From the stories I've heard, the Court's getting awfully empty."

"The goblin who attacked me said the Prince didn't care if I was alive or dead. That doesn’t sound like someone who's looking to repopulate."

Weylin laughed. It wasn't a friendly sound. "Goblins have been known to be a little overzealous, Alex. You know that."

"You're saying the goblin was lying?"

"Oh no," Weylin replied. "I'm sure he would've killed you if he'd gotten a chance. Eaten as much of your flesh as his belly could hold and then carried your corpse to the Prince."

"Thanks for the reassurance," Alex said dryly.

"Hey, you asked. And when he got you there, the Prince would've executed his ass for failing to follow orders. Think, Alex. If he's resorted to sending out goblins to round up half-breeds, he's stretched thin. Normally he sends only his best for this sort of work. But his best are all tied up elsewhere. So he's sending goblins."

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June 06, 2003


I started a new story today. Hallelujah! This morning, hyped on caffeine and sleep deprivation, I was listening to "Killing in the Name Of", by Rage Against the Machine and just got in a sudden, violent, angry mindset--not that I was angry or violent, but that there was this force inside my head that was--so I started writing, and out popped Max. Reconsidering her name because of the whole Dark Angel thing, but for now, she's Max. In two and a half pages, I finished the opening scene and learned that whoever Max is, she's got a pretty powerful enemy--and that she can kick goblin ass. I've never written combat before. I think it worked pretty well. And besides, it's a great way to start a story!

So very very glad to be writing again. I don't have the words.

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After a little nap, I'm up to 560 words and I'm looking to finish the opening scene before I go over to Dawn and Jason's for 7th Sea. I have a plot! Sort of. Well, at any rate, I have a protagonist, an antagonist, and a henchman--assuming the protag doesn't kill the henchman in this first scene. Heehee.

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Guess what I'm doing....


Holy shit. I haven't written an original word that wasn't either for an RPG or for a MUSH since February, and I'm 300 words into a brand new story. I haven't slept yet (much), but I'm so damn wired I may stay up all day.


There aren't words to express my feelings. Jesus, did I ever miss this.

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June 03, 2003


One of the best thing's anyone's said to me during this long dark teatime of the soul that I've been going through came from Mer yesterday, who said she missed reading my new stuff. (Because there hasn't been a single word in months.) It helped. I'm pondering. Gearing up. We'll see.

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