Changes afoot!

Changes afoot!

As part of my plan to get more organized overall, I’m going to get a little more serious about my blogging. My goal is to post new content twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I’ve got a few new things in the works, and first up will be a series for beginning writers (or anybody, really), called “I Have a Story Idea, Now What?” That should start later this week or next week, and thanks to everyone who gave me some suggestions on topics you want me to cover. This is going to be less a “this is how you should do things” and more about “this is how I do things”. I’m not a big fan of writing rules or dictates, but I am a big fan of sharing ideas with people and learning from them. So I’ll talk about things that I’ve found helpful things, that I’ve struggled with, and just generally things that I’ve learned since turning pro nearly five years ago (!) now.

I’ll still be making personal posts, I’m sure, since I’m pretty incapable of not talking about myself. 😉 I should mention that I’m in a really really good place right now. Between the med change and the time of year changing, things are perking up for me. (As evidenced by the fact that I’m taking on new projects.)

So just a short update for now, but more is coming!

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    1. That’s one thing I’ve been using my bullet journal for! I’ve got a list of topic ideas that I’ve brainstormed out.

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