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Lies My Mother Told Me

My mother told me the usual childhood lies: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, there’s no such thing as monsters.  I understand those lies. I forgive them. What I can’t forgive are the other lies she told me. The lies she told me about myself.

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The gift of a label

Sometimes dealing with complex mental illness feels like you’re carrying around a list of diagnoses on your back. For a while, every time I heard something new, it was like “oh great, there’s something else wrong with me.” I’m coming to realize now that being able to find the right labels and understand them is a gift–at least for me.

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Feelings vs. Reality

When I talk about writing, I talk a lot about ‘doing it anyway’. Working on this book has been a masterclass in ‘doing it anyway’. As I’m going through and making the requested changes and additions, I keep seeing things that make me cringe and go “is that stupid? It sounds stupid” and “OH MY GOD THIS PLOT MAKES NO SENSE”. And then I just have to take a deep breath and keep going.